White brick house: Complete guide to building a white house

white brick house

A white brick house is a dream for every homeowner. But they are getting tired to turn their house to a new look. Because they are thinking it is destroying their style and classic look in the house.

But be ensuring, it will never go out of your home style. And unattractive or old white painting can make a quick value increase for your existing house.

Building a modern white brick house is not a marvelous work, but a lot of homeowners not allocating the budget for it.

I have some experience as an architecture 3D designer, many people ask for 3D visualization for a white brick house.

What is a white brick house?

White bricks offer a natural and clean look for your house. Some bricks are completely white while others have a different mix with natural brick colors. These bricks are perfect for getting a “deceptive chic” style and with the most modern applications, we can get the best result.

White brick in old buildings and school buildings are different designs of architecture. Inside and outside, it looks clean and beautiful.

Some house owners are don’t love dark colors or a mix of colors. So they are trying to design their house with light colors. Finally, they decide to paint their house in white color. As we know white is a great eye-catching color with a natural tone.

Another way white is matching with every color and instantly highlight in any color collections. So if you select this color you don’t need concerned what are the colors around in your house. Because of white perfectly matches with every color.

Some companies are making special white color bricks for sale. If you wish to make a white brick house, you can go with white color bricks in your construction stage. But if you have a natural color brick house, you can use the whitewash technique to turn your house to a new look. We will talk about the whitewash technique later in this post.

However, if you have a plastering wall you have to anchor the brick to your wall. Then you can think about the white brick house design.

Why need painted brick house

Brick painting is a simple method to provide a new and fresh look to your house. There are many reasons why house owners paint their brick walls but are it a good idea?.

Sometimes it can be useful, but you need to what are the pros and cons of a painted brick house before starting your project. This is not only for a white brick house. For all color painting.

Natural color painted brick houses
Natural color painted brick houses

If your house has an outdated red, orange, or yellow color brick wall, you need to update your wall color with the same color or another color. It will provide a fresh look to your house. And painted brick wall can provide many advantages.

Brick painting is a great option to upgrade the curb appeal and value of your house. And if you use light color like white, it can make a major visual impact when it applies correctly.

If you properly update your exterior brick walls with paints, the walls will protect from rain and other seasonal weather changes. Because paint is act as a sealant to the home. So paint reduces the damages of exterior brick walls.

Easy to keep clean is the main benefit of the painted white brick house. Because bricks have voids naturally. So if not apply the painting dirt and debris block in the voids and will difficult to clean. but painting makes smooth surfaces on the brick that will easy to cleaning way.

Cost to build a brick house

If you are considering building a new white brick house try to find low-cost bricks with good texture. And remember to look bricks with the same textures. Because in this case, you have to use one color to paint your brick walls. So if you have bricks with few textures, it will make a messy look.

Cost to build a white brick house
White brick house with styling

However, painted bricks are no more expensive than traditional red brick walls. The reason is, the bricks that work best with paint, less expensive than traditional red color bricks. So even when you add some extra cost like material and labor cost to brick painting, finally you can compare your result with other exterior finishes.

If you hope to make a white brick house for your new construction, go to your local mason yard and ask for “white color bricks”. Sometimes they are sell painted bricks with a discount and it will save some of the money from your budget. Because when paint once it looks perfect.

Then look for a skilled person who specializes in the house painting. Remember to find out their previous works in the same industry and recommendation of previous clients. Some companies provide house painting services and may have skilled persons to make a white brick house in those companies. However, compare the rates of a few companies before the start.

Next, find out for materials and equipment that need to paint the walls. Take advice from your contractor before ordering the materials and types of equipment that need it.

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Increase your home value

This is a great chance to upgrade your home value and look of your house. Because the white brick house increases your house value without a large upgrade of the house structure.

Two story brick house
White brick house will increase your home value

A lot of house buyers find out various houses to buy. It’s only not modern, large or newest. Some buyers are looking for a unique design house to living. So a white brick house will be the best option for these buyers. That means modern white brick houses increase your home value automatically.

In an apartment complex, we can see a lot of houses with wall plastering, cladding, or concreting. But no enough painted brick houses (Some areas and some countries it can be various). So if you make the painted brick house in your area, it will be a special house in those areas. That is another way how painted brick house increases your house value.

This option is not only for exterior walls. It is perfect works for interior walls. So you can add white painting bricks to your interior walls in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, and dining area. As you know white color is the best color for the interior spaces. Because white color can increase the lighting and brightness in dark areas in the interior. So you can increase your home value in spontaneously when you change your house interior to white brick house ideas.

Experience the difference between a white brick house before and after, how to feel it to you.

Redbrick house to white house

Naturally brick has the which was the inherent red color. So if not paint the bricks to special colors when applying to the walls, those walls look like a red wall. It is a good color when polishing and painting once. But if you need any color brick house (Like white brick house as our topic) you have painted the walls to other colors that you want.

Redbrick house to white brick house
Change your brick house to white

So in this process, you have to take specialist service for doing this is best. But if you interest to do this in your self, the next chapter is the simple guide to what you need to know.

However, if your primary house design is designed for red brick walls, you need to make your attention to your house design and other features of the house before the convert your house. Because sometimes white brick house ideas may not match your existing house design. So before a redesign, we recommend to you please take advice from your architecture who design your house.

Another thing is, think about your environment situation and weather condition in your housing area. Because for white brick houses design may not be compatible with too dusty areas and rainy areas. Because white color gets dirty quickly and difficult to clean. So if you are living in a too dusty area or frequently rainy area, we not recommend the white brick house concept to you. Redbrick’s house or dark grey colors best match your house.

Start to paint your house

House painting is a professional and complex task that can not do everyone. It requires special skills and experience in the same industry. But if you interest in painting to do it your self, sure you can do it. Because it is not hard work. But remember you should be careful in the house painting process.

Paint brushes
Paint brushes

Here is the step by step process to start making your white brick house painting.

Before starting the paint your walls, you need to cover all furniture, carpets and floor areas using temporary covers. You can use newspapers, towels or old sheets as temporary covers.

Then move everything against the walls. Now you can clean all areas on the walls that cover the furniture.

Now you can clean the walls using a broom, dusting brush, or vacuum cleaner. Run the broom or vacuum cleaner in the vertical path for better dust removal. And use a ladder to reach upper conners in the walls.

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Then wash the walls from upper to down. Never clean the walls from place to place or from down to upper. It is general knowledge that I hope you know.

Now time to test your product that you select to use your paintwork. Find out the less eye-catching area on your walls and do sample painting in that area. Don’t forget to read the user manual of your paint product before applying it to the wall.

If you OK with your result, now you can paint your brick wall using a paintbrush, roller brush, or spray machine.

What is the whitewash technique?

Whitewash is base on lime or paint and it can apply to brick walls, concrete, and plaster walls as well. And you can change the colors for your unique design. However, before applying to the entire wall, you need to test the changes in every sample. Because pigments samples can change after dry, so make sure you satisfying with all samples that you use.

Whitewash house
Whitewash house

Here is the technique to start your whitewash project in yourself.

Before by the whitewash materials find out more about different brands with their color quality and durability. Because white color is 100% pure color and it can be discolored immediately. It is not a good thing for a white brick house.

An experiment about the varied ways applies the wash. You can use a paintbrush, sponge, or old rags for it. Whenever you use a different way you will see a different result in your project. So try them all are in your testing project and select the best option for your final project.

Then clean all areas that you need to whitewash. Use pure water with detergent or any other suitable chemical to clean your walls.

Finally, start painting the wall using a paintbrush or sponge. The moist surface is best for the whitewash. So wet and stay to dry a little bit your wall before the start. And apply two paint coats for a better white brick house.

The benefits of white brick house

The bricks have been used for house construction and other construction works for many years and it has good reason. Brick outside housing offers a world of benefits. And the bricks are increasing your home value and it has good durability and easy to keep up.

benefits of white brick house
Apartment with brick walls

However, bricks can be more expensive than other exterior wall options and you need a better drainage system to protect your brick wall from rainwater. The extra work involved in designing the exterior of the brick goes beyond the superior qualities.

If your house did not build with brick, you can add a brick siding to take benefits that receive from brick houses. Here are the benefits of white brick houses.

When you come to the exterior side of your house, you need strong and durable materials for exterior usage. Brick has the best durability and strength.

The brick is easy to maintain than other outdoor materials. But in a white brick house, it can be a difficult little bit.

The cool benefit of bricks, the bricks can control the temperature come from outside. So brick is the best insulation layer for a house. Otherhand white color is another insulation color for heat control.

The brick installs more expensive than other exterior materials, but you can recover that cost from maintaining the cost of your house. So the brick house has more value than other houses.

Furthermore brick is the best fire-resistant material that we can use for house construction.

Clean your brick walls

The bricks are built to be durable. So if you clean your exterior brick, interior brick, or brick in the firepit, this is the common guide to clean your brick walls.

Tools for white brick house clean
Tools for white brick house clean

Bricks can use to interior walls and around the firepit walls. The first step is to clean the surfaces and remove all dirt on the walls. Use a brush or vacuum to clean your wall surfaces. You can use the natural or chemical cleaning agent that make by your self. However, natural cleaners are cheap and safe than chemical cleaners.

Then apply your natural cleaners to wall surfaces and wait for 10 minutes. After clean with hot water and wipe with using soft clothes. This method is suitable for small areas like firepit walls.

For large areas like interior walls or exterior walls go with natural cleaners with vinegar. Mix natural wall cleaners and vinegar 1:1 ratio and put it into a spray bottle for easy use. Then spray on the brick wall surfaces and wait for a few minutes. And after waiting use sponge to clean the bricks. However, if the walls are too dirty use a nylon brush for it.

Chomp Painted Wall Cleaner Spray
Recommended chemical – Chomp Painted Wall Cleaner Spray

You can use baking soda and dish detergent as your natural cleaners. Mix three tablespoons for 1/2 baking soda and make a thin paste. And apply this paste into the wall and clean using a brush or clothe after waiting for the 10 minutes. These options you can use for every brick wall in your house.

White brick house maintaining

Brick houses do not require frequent maintenance works. But what about the white brick house?.

Yes, white color brick walls require maintenance process than other brick houses. Because white color gets dirty very quickly when you do not maintain it properly. However, you can minimize the damages to your house from dust, rain, sun, and others.

White brick house maintaining
White brick house maintaining

If your house located in too dust area, you can try to grow grass in your garden area. Because grasses can avoid the dust stirring in your garden. And you can moisten your garden land to protect your white brick house from dust. If you can’t do anything of these, simply wash your wall with pure water every week. However, if you are living in a dust-free area you are safe there.

Heavy rain is another way of damage to your brick house. Apply proper rainwater system and gutter and downpipe system to your house. And roof eave is very important here. It will help to protect your white color house from rainy days.

Excessive sunlight is another reason to dirt your brick house immediately. So as a remedy you can add suitable roof eave to your house and cover the brick wall with trees. However, if you are receiving less sunlight to your living area this is not a problem anymore.

Protect your brick walls from children and pets, it is your responsibility. So make your attention to your walls whenever you can.

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