What is the size of master bedroom? make a useful bedroom

Large size of master bedroom

Arrange the size of master bedroom is a big challenge in house construction. Because the master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. However, the size of the room is no matter to the success room. It depends on how you design and manage your space. What is your favorite place in the house? sure, it should be your master bedroom. So you should be unique when you design and manage it.

What are the reasons that affect the size of master bedroom?

small size of master bedroom
Bedroom with single bed

First, you need to know master bedroom design ideas, before thinking about size.

Dark wood walls will be better

Dark wood walls can generate a traditional and modern look together. And when you design it carefully, you can make without dark lighting in the room.

Add sitting area into the room

This is affected by the size of master bedroom. Because sitting area or sofa set required a large space to place. However, this could not be a large sofa set. So you can try with a putting chair near a table or a single or double sofa near the bed. Now you have a place to read or waiting.

Place a fur blanket

This is not affected directly by the size of master bedroom. But if you have enough free area after when you place that, it will be good. And after this, you will have a modern look. However, if you place it around the bed area, that’s a good idea.

Beach cottage

Beach cottage is the best way to make a unique and modern master bedroom. Because everybody likes to make their room as unique. And remember sometimes, mismatched items give a unique look. So try it in your way. That’s the reason why the beach cottage.

Bohemian bedroom with a rustic look

As you know bedrooms have few categories according to their design style. (I will write another article about it later). Bohemian bedroom one of that one. It looks bohemian, rustic, and industrial view. And finally, it’s creative. however, small space enough for rustic bohemian bedroom.

These are the main reasons depend on the size of master bedroom. And you need to think about the cabin and cabinets as your requirements. Because you need space for a place that.

However standard bedroom and master bedroom has average size with your house size.

Average size of standard bedroom

wood bed
Wooden bed

Standard bedroom normally design for children and teen and it has all features. Because consider a bedroom it should have one window and closet. However when it did not use as a bedroom, can be an office, gym, or an art room. In house bellow, 2500 square feet houses, 11 feet by 12 feet bedroom is normally used in the United States.

However, 12 feet by 12 feet large bedrooms and 10 feet by 10 feet small bedrooms, mostly can find in the US.

And 10 feet by 11 feet is minimum bedroom floor size for queen size bed.

Average size of master bedroom

bedroom arrangement with bed
Bed with bedding

In house bellow 2500 square feet house, 14 feet by 16 feet is the best size for the master bedroom. In the new house construction industry, it can be mostly seen. And 10 feet by 12 feet is the minimum size for king-size bed.

But 12 feet by 14 feet and 12 feet by 16 feet sizes are the most useful in the house. But if you design your new house, you can make your master bedroom large as you need.

However, keep in mind you need 12 feet by 14 feet size space for a king-size bed, dresser, and chair.

Other reasons are the sizes of the closet and bathroom of your master bathroom. And walkway space to the bathroom. However, keep in mind you need a minimum 30 inches wide walkway for easy use.

Can you have two different size of master bedroom in the house?

dual size of master bedroom
Master suite

If your house has two master bedrooms, it will be more attractive. And it can have a large bathroom with a private bath and closet. It’s call master suite and with two master bedrooms, it’s dual master suite. And peoples love to add a dual master suite to their house. So what is dual master suite?

So you can understand it and good to become true. House with a dual master suite, it has two master bedrooms with bath and closet. So those are can use visitors or other members of your family to their style. And another hand dual master suite helps to feel your visitors they are living in their house. If they are sleeping in your house.

This style is an upcoming trend and a useful design method. Because according to house plan selling website details, houses with dual master bedrooms make small selling percentages of total selling. But it was grown by 50% percent in 2016.

This style is flexible to wide living situations. Like, elderly parents caring, two friends when buying a new house, and sub-family units are living in one house.

And according to survey reports, 19% of the peoples of the united states are living with their parents or adult children. So that could be the main cause why this is the most popular.

What are the other reasons?

Another main reason, your partner disturb your sleep but don’t like to give up the master bedroom. Because according to the result of the better sleep council of the US, 26% of couples are better night sleep when they sleep alone. 

But, as Today.com survey, 60% of peoples are like to sleep apart. However, this could be a social problem and dual master bedrooms are not an answer.

Pros and cons of dual master bedrooms

So then you need to decide this is suitable for you. It depends on your living situation. This is a new concept. So you will have to build a new house or adding extra space to the existing house. And if you want to sell your house, some buyers are no caring about dual master suites. But you can wait for the right buyer.

Some buyers are not aware of this option. But when they understand that, they’ll really love it.

So if you think this is suitable for you, sure this will be a good option. When you sell your property, you have fewer competitors and easy to find a buyer who thinks like you.

What is effect to the size of master bedroom

wooden sofa
Bedroom with wood sofa

However, the size of the master bedroom may depend on what you use in there. And how you manage those items. So first before allocating the space, you need to identify your requirements and what you need. Then discuss with your designer to let him know your needs.

Here are the 10 items that should include in your master bedroom. However, there are nor fixed rules to manage the size of master bedroom. But there are have a few things which could include in the best master bedroom. The perfect bedroom for you at least. Because whatever your budget or requirements, need respect to standard rules of home design.

A bed with layered bedding

No special rule in here. We talk about how the bed effect the size of master bedroom earlier. You can always trust good, comfortable bedding to brighten up your bedroom and pull it together thoughtfully. And a double bed can look big and empty. So place a lot of pillows on the bed and top up of all with bedding blanket.

Headboard with stylish and modern

This is a part of the bed and not a large effect on the size of master bedroom. However, the headboard makes the bedroom look like a large room. And gives instant polish and personality look to the room, like the bedding. Another hand, it gives help to read a book or something doing on the bed.

Is a Comfy Rug effect on the size of master bedroom?

No, it is not a large reason for it. But when you place a rug in the room, after that if you have enough free area it will be good. And a room without a rug it can feel cold. And make sure to when choosing a rug, match with your wall and floor colors. This will help tie all of the things in the room. And the best part of this, you always go to the soft area when you leave the bed.

Good curtains collection

We always love to room with natural sunlighting system. But it has large windows and should protect our privacy by using window curtains. And with the subtle texture curtains can filter sunlight when you sleep in day time. However, be careful to choose the curtains color-matching with bedding and other textures.

Enough lighting system

When the master bedroom becomes large, you need to increase lighting enough. This rule not only for the bedroom, relevant for all rooms. And sure you have a few lighting sources in the space. Think about an overhead lamp, floor lamp, and a lamp near the bed, more than sunlight. And enough light to the dressing area. When your room has a few lighting sources, it will make layered lighting. However, the amount of lighting may depend on the size of master bedroom you have.

Additional space for bed foot bench

To make a more modern bedroom, put a bench near the bed. A bench that you help to keep a bag, wear or remove shoes, and keep your street clothes away from your bed. And it will work as temporary bag luggage and much more.

Dresser storage and nightstands

When speak about storage, you may not attend on it. But storage is a very important item in the master bedroom. And the storage that helps to put clothes, sunglasses, keys, wallets, and others what you have.

Statement mirror in master bedroom

This is the best option for an attractive bedroom. It can be a full-length version or large one that above in dresser. It works as get a ready place in your bedroom. And adding extra lighting or decoration around the statement mirror, it will be a more attractive place.

personal decor can be effective to the size of master bedroom

However, you can manage extra space in the room with your decoration. And this is a way to turn your master bedroom to your favorite place. So think about large flower vases, porcelain dishes, perfume bottles, and jewelry holders. These make your bedroom as your favorite place.

Graphic arts and playful place

All small objects are showing your personality and these can be eye-catching arts. So placing a digital art or painting art is inject the colorful theme to your master bedroom. And hang a few items on the wall to make your room quick live.

Select the floor tile considering the size of master bedroom

master bedroom with large window
Bedroom with large window

The master bedroom should be a safe place for you and your family. So you should be careful when you select the floor tiles for your floor. So here are the few steps you need to consider before buying the floor tiles.

Size of master bedroom vs your budget

You should always work on your budget when the house construction process. So make an average cost estimate before going to buy the floor materials. It depends on the size of master bedroom. Find the average rate for floor tile in your local area and prepare the estimate according to it.

Where place which tiles

Currently, our main place is the master bedroom. Because tiles are manufacture as usage and location. As an example, vitrified tiles are not instantly dirt and have more durability. So vitrified tiles are the best match to master bedroom. And make sure where you placing the tile in the bedroom before buying the tiles.

Tile size depends on the size of master bedroom

As a rule, tile size may relative to the size of master bedroom. For large size bedrooms, 600mm x 600mm size tiles are the best match to it. And keep in mind that choose the small tiles for the wall than floor tiles.

Tile color as you like

Be talent to match the tile color with wall colors. Try different colors and finally select the color that easies to the eye. And make your attention to furniture colors in the master bedroom.

Know if you need designed tiles

Confirm the type of floor and wall tile that you want in the home decoration process. Different tile types are best and will work for you. As an example, if you have plain wall tiles, then go with pattern tiles to the floor.

Maintenance vs size of master bedroom

When we found the tiles to floor tiling, naturally we finding tiles that easy to clean. Because cleaning easies depend on the size of master bedroom. A large room may difficult to clean. Vitrified tiles are the best option for your master bedroom. Because vitrified tiles are easy to clean. And these tiles are water-resistance and easy to clean with sponge pcs. However, wall tiles are not dirt instantly and easy to clean if happen.

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