Roof design – modern and useful roof for your next house

Roof design in the house

Roof design is hard work like other structural elements design. Roof is the top cover of the building, staying on the wall, column or beams. It gives protection from rain, snow, sunlight, and temperature. And roof is a major part of house construction.

The roof characteristics may depend on the purpose of the building, local government rules and available materials of the area. And design of the architectural view. Cover from rain and sunlight are the main purpose of the roof in most countries. And as an extra item verandah is giving protection from sun, and architectural view into the house.

So if you want to make a roof for garden conservatory, it should be transparent. Because it should need lighting to plants. But need protection from cold, wind and rain.

A roof may provide additional living space. Roof garden is an example.

Three elements have in the roof design process.

  1. Materials
  2. Construction
  3. Durability

The materials can be banana leaves, coconut leaves, clay tiles, asbestos sheets, Zn/Al sheet, glass, pre-cast concrete, etc…

In the construction process, architects design the view of roof and structural engineer design the structure of the roof. It contains angles of roof, support and more.

The roof requires the good waterproof and durability. And roof angle may depend on the regionally due to the frequency of rain. And used materials.

Types of roof design

Roof design types
Types of roof design

When designing the building, the roof may vary on size, type, and purpose of the building. There are huge of types roof models. They are use on weather conditions and building style.

Here is the list of roof types currently valid and outdated.

  • Bonnet roof
  • Half hipped roof
  • Clerestory roof
  • Combination roofs
  • Cross gabled roof
  • Cross hipped roofs
  • Front gable
  • Dome roof
  • Dormer roofs
  • Box gable roof
  • Dutch gable roofs
  • Open gable roof
  • M-Shaped roof
  • Gable roof with shed roof addition
  • Butterfly roofs
  • Gambrel roof
  • Curved roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • Jerkinhead roofs
  • Mansard roof
  • Shed roof or skillion
  • Skillion and lean-to roofs
  • Hexagonal gazebo roofs
  • Parapet roof
  • Pyramid hip roofs
  • Saltbox roof
  • Hip and valley
  • Simple hip roofs

Some roof models in this list could be outdated. But sometime architectures recommend these models for their design as their client requirements. And the purpose and type of building they are design.

You can read more about the popular roof types below in this article.

In another way, roofs can categorize according to the roof materials. You can read more details about the roof materials below in this article.

Type of roof materials use to roof design

Types of roof materials
Roof materials

Previously, asphalt, slate, clay or concrete was the only roofing option. But today a lot of advanced and cheap materials available in the market. And they are giving a new and modern look for roofs.

Here is the 8 roof material list for your next roof design or re-roofing work.

01.Solar tile roof material

Solar tile roof material
Solar tile roof

Advanced solar collectors generate one kilowatt of energy for 100sqft. They are integrating collectors into existing shingles without any issue. And they are good for those who ignore normal solar panels. And more expensive bit more than normal solar panels and but they are helping to save the cost of energy.

02.Asphalt shingles in roof design

Asphalt shingles
Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roof material in America and it’s effective in all weather and environment conditions. But quality varies widely in these materials. So don’t forget to ask about the wind and durability testing result before buy. Wind test is “ASTM” D3161, Class “F” (110 mph) or “ASTM” D7158, Class “H” (150 mph). And durability test result should be AC438 pass. Starting cost is low, but you have to replace or repair the materials after 20 years or less. If you living in the snowing area, consider about UL 2218 Class 4 rating impact resistant shingles.

03.Zn/Al metal roof design

Zn/Al metal roof
Zn/Al metal roof

Zn/Al metal roofing sheet comes in vertical panels and have life about lasts about 60 years. Metal excellent for heavy snow and rain, not damage with heavy sun and resist to high wind. It’s lightweight and can be installed in the existing roof. However, the metal roof can be a lot of noise in the heavy rain and wind situation. Also in the hail. The average cost may be 5$ – 12$ for square feet and it may depend on the shape of the roof. However, which is more than asphalt cost, but less than concrete roof tile cost.

04.Stone-coated steel

Stone-coated steel
Stone-coated steel roof

Stone-coated steel roofing materials gives better resilience for heavy rain and wind, hail and freeze-thaw cycles. However, as a result, this material suitable for wet, windy and wildfires areas.

05.Slate in roof design

Slate material
Slate material

Slate roofing materials have approx 100 years lifetime. But it may depend on whether and the environment condition of the area. It’s not burn, water resist and fungus and mold resistant. This material may be more expensive, weighty and easily broken. But suitable for wet areas. Keep this in your mind if you live in hailing area.

06.Rubber slate roofing material

Rubber slate roofing material
Rubber slate roofing material

Rubber slate material looks natural and can install easy cutting with a knife. But it requires the trained professions to install it. This material also can see in abundance in the Victorian homes. It has over 100 years lifetime and but can be damaged because walk in the roof, and fixing the satellite dishes. So rubber slate can damage with hail as the slate material.

07.Concrete and clay tiles

Concrete and clay tiles
Concrete and clay tiles roofing material

As the research result, the University of California, concrete and clay tiles are resilient to tornadoes, hurricanes and, heavy winds up to 125 miles per hour. These materials are suitable for warm and dry climates. And they require additional support to release their weight and can be broken when walk on the roof.

08.Green roof concept in roof design

Green roof concept
Green roof

In the green roof concept, the roof is cover by the plants. It is helpful to increase air quality, reduce the water runoff and heat resistance. And reduce the urban heat value. But they need special structure, drainage system, heat insulation, water filtration, compost soil, and plant. However, lifetime maybe 40 years.

Color roof design

Color roof design
Color roof design

Coloring roof design gives a new look to your house. It’s a chance to change your house look completely. But it is a serious decision you have to take. However, after that, you will live a long time with your choice. But where are you start to colorize your roof?. here the few things will help to start from the best point.

The climate of your living area

The color of your roof shingles affects to 20-40 degrees of your house temperature. So roof color can make different of your cooling or heating cost. This is the major thing you have to think before start. The light colors deflect the sunlight and protect the cool in the house. So light colors are suitable to hotter climate areas. And dark colors absorb the sunlight and generate the extra heat in the house. So dark colors are best for cool areas. However dark colors help to melt fastest the snow and ice on the roof shingles.

Coordination the colors of the shingles

Shingles color coordination with wall, brick, stone, and other colors of your house. As an example, a dark gray or black color roof shingles are looking good with gray or blue houses. A house with brown, cream or tan color best match with brown or mix with cream brown color shingles.

Architectural view of your house

You should think about your architectural style of the house before choosing the roof color. Because dark colors make the house look small and light colors will make a large view of your house.

Read “Exterior house color ideas” article for more details.

Make a statement or not

If you want to live with more traditional or if do an unusual color combination for your house.

Consideration of neighborhood homes

You are not living alone. Can have few houses around your house. So you need to think about that houses wall colors and roof colors before you start the coloring of your roof. However, it is nice if your roof doesn’t match or clash with your nearby roofs.

Available colors of your area

You need to find out about available colors or not in your area market. Also, you can contact a few local manufacture in your region.

Visualize your project

If you want to see how the roof will see after colorize, you can take architectural visualization service for it. Read “Architectural visualization” article for more details about visualization.

However, before choosing the color, we would like to recommend contact the roofing professional for more advice.

What are the most popular roof design

popular roof designs
popular roof designs

There are a lot of unique roof designs available for homeowners to use their house. They have different advantages and disadvantages. So here are the few roof designs popular in the industry.

Gable roof design

The gable roof is the most popular roof model in the homeowners. Because this model has two angle surfaces and they are meeting to make the ridge in the top. Gable roofs have few variations according to their shape. It’s are the single gable, front gable, cross gable, and dutch gable roofs.

Hip roof model

This is another popular roof style in the industry. But this roof type has slopes in four sides and it’s difficult to build. However, this style strong for the high-roof and in the wind condition, more than a gable roof. Simple hip roof, cross hipped roof, pyramid hip roof, half hip roof, and dutch gable roof are various types of hip roof.

Bonnet roof style

Kicked eave roof is another name for the bonnet roof. And mostly it can see in French Vernacular architecture and this is a less popular design in the industry. This roof design has two slope and tope slope is high and downslope is a less slope. And the downslope runs around the house and gives a verandah to the house.

Shed style

In the roof design process, the shed style roof is a single slope and it’s cover all area of the structure. This is a simple and low-cost design and mostly use for home additions.


The saltbox roof design similar to the gable roof. But the main difference is one side of the roof longer than the other side. This design most popular in the 1600s and 1800s years and it’s shape similar to the lid of salt stocking box. So it’s named saltbox roof.


In this roof have two sides with two slopes. And lower slop being high steeper than top slop. However, this roof design gives extra space in interior house space. And residential buildings have a gambrel roof.

Mansard design

Mansard roof design is the very popular roof model during the 1600 in France. And in this has a clear two slope surface on both sides of the roof. And the lower slope is the high slope and it is similar to the wall. This roof is similar to a gambrel roof. However, the upper slope is very low and it may not see to the ground.

Flat roof design

Flat roof is name as a low-slope roof and it has a low slope surface for runoff the rainwater. So this roof model is one of the best economical roof. Because this roof requires fewer materials and skills. But not suitable for heavy rain areas.

Is roof design so expensive?

Yes, definitely roofing is so expensive work in the house construction industry. Because it’s maybe installing a new roof or repair the roof, everyone knows it is so expensive work. However, there are several factors have impacted the cost of roofing. And you need to understand a few things as to why roofing is so expensive.

Here are the few main factors effect to roofing cost.

Material cost

Roofing material costs are rising as other materials. And in the past few years, roofing tiles and shingles costs were riser more than double. Because tile and asphalt are most commonly using materials for roofing and they are manufactured by using concrete, clay, and oil. The rise of the oil cost can be mainly affected by the rising of asphalt price. And damaged and removable material disposing may have cost more than what we guess.

Labor cost

This is another reason for the effect on roofing costs. So you should always try to buy qualified and skilled laborers for your work. But qualified skill labors can be expensive little bit. Because they have a huge demand in the house construction industry.


This is an indirect aspect that affects to the roofing cost. As we all know insurance charges are increasing in the market. However, so you have to pay more amount to your contractor for their insurance costs. And this can be a legal issue and you can’t ignore this.

And after that you reading this article you have enough knowledge about roof design. So now you can move to your next step.

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