Red living room decoration in 2021 – Step by step guide

living room with red sofa

The red living room decoration is an upcoming trend in house owners. It generates a unique and beautiful look to the living area of your house.

Another wise red color is the warm color & it is considering as the active color.

So it is not suitable only living room. You can try red color to children rooms and study rooms.

Because as I mentioned above, red color is actively color. So it helps your children avoid their boring.

In a lot of Asian countries, they use red color for their floor. Also, it can see in some old European houses at some times.

They believe the red color make their house more attractive and friendly.

Currently, the concept uses to decorate the house in a new way in modern and latest homes.

So in this article, I will drive you depth into how to create a living room with a red accent.

Why red living room decoration for your living

We use the living room for conversation with family members or our visitors. So the creative and modern living area is too important to our house.

As I mentioned above, red color is a warm and active color like the orange color.

And the living area is the first looking area of your house when after entering the house.

Also, creative living is too valuable to the house.

So you have red living room decoration to renovate your house.

Another reason is why you go with red living room decor ideas the red color is a too attractive color like fire. And it is a unique theme.

So if you are like to create a unique house, you will love this concept.

And if you live in a cold area, you have to use warm colors to paint your house.

Red, yellow and orange colors are warm colors & blue, green, and purple are cool colors.

Also, yellow and orange colors are the best colors for interiors too.

And if you are living in warm areas, we will not recommend warm colors for you.

However, if your house has an air conditioner system, You can use warm colors for your interiors.

How to start from old living to red living room decoration

A lot of peoples don’t know where to start to decorate their house. So they lag with it.

This guide is not only for red living room decoration.

So let we will discuss it in general.

Before you start to decorate your house or living area, you should think about these things.

  1. Your budget:- Everything depends on your funds or income. So before we start to decorate the house, we should give priority to the cost. So you have to think about how much money you can spend on your home decorating project.
  2. Design of the house:- The interior design should match the architectural vision of your home. If you can’t follow it, you can get an architectural visualization service to avoid design mistakes.
  3. The climate of your state:- This is an important matter when we design the house. In interior design too. If you live in a cold state, you can use warm colors like red, yellow, and orange. And if you live in a hot state, you can go with warm colors like blue, green, and purple.
  4. Existing design:- If we can match our new interior concept with the existing theme, that will help save a lot of money from the cost.

When you get modern red living room ideas or any other interior idea, you have to follow the above four matters to achieve a better result.

Now, let’s get our journey to get a red living room.

Change the wall color.

Wall colors!

Wall color is a big topic that we have to speak about when going to the red living room decoration.

However, here is a big problem. That is, if your walls are not currently red or similar to red, you should work hard to change the wall color.

Because if the old wall color is not removing completely, mixing the two new wall colors can give a wrong look.

But change the wall color is not a rule in red living room decoration.

You can get modern red living room ideas without red wall color.

Now we are turning to the technical part of the change wall colors. It is a DIY method that you can try yourself.

The red color has a different range color scheme.

Light red to dark red.

variation of red color

So you need to select the correct color code for your house. How to do that?

If your living area has low natural lighting, you have to go with a light red color range.

And if the living room has the best and enough natural lighting, you can select a dark red color range without any issue.

Now move to the next part.

Existing colors can not remove by scraping or washing. So we have to apply two coats of wall filler paint to remove the current wall color.

First, you have to wash your walls. It is not a tight wash. Just for only remove the dust on the walls.

Then wait to dry the walls.

After that, prepare the filler paint and apply two coats to the walls.

Apply the second coat after dry the first coat. Remember to read the manufacturing guideline of the paint material.

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The filler is the white color material and removes the existing wall color after applying that.

Now, wait for dry.

After well dry, now you can apply your wall paint on the wall filler layer.

Also, remember to apply two coats of paint color.

However, if your wall has damages, prepare those using a skim coat before applying the paints.

Best floor material for red living room decoration

Change the floor is challenging work when you renovate your house.

The floor material needs to be changed to match the wall color and theme.

How to do that?

First, you have to identify your theme for the new renovation project.

In this part, we are work to get a living room with a red accent.

Now you have to find the best matching floor materials for red living room decoration.

In my experience, grey/white tiles or cement cut polish materials are the best matching with red room.

However, if your existing floor match to red color, you don’t need to remove it.

If not, you have to replace it.

Here is a guide to do it.

First, you have to demolish the existing floor and remove the parts.

In this case, you have to be careful. Because during the broke the floor, it can be harmful to other structures of the house.

After breaking the floor, then clean and wash the floor using a pressure gun.

Now finish your job. Then contact a professional contractor to build your new floor.

Tiling works

If you have professional skills for construction works, there is no problem. You can do it yourself.

If you are going to make a tile or cement cut floor, start from a 25mm (1 inch) cement sand mortar bed.

We recommend getting professional service to do it.

And if you want to see how your new floor performs after the finish, you can get an architectural visualization service as well.

Upgrade furniture for red living room decoration

The furniture act as the king of every home. And you have to spend a lot of money to purchase furniture for your house.

So you have to select the best furniture for your house that matches your interior theme.

In this case, we are learning about red living room decoration. So we have to select furniture match with our living room.

The sofa set is the main character around the furniture member.

Sofa set comes with different colors and different types of materials. And different models.

However, there is no mandatory rule that you should use a red sofa for red living room decoration.

So you can use another color sofa set for the red living room.

But some colors are a better match with red and, some color does not match with red.

What are the best colors matching with red?

Yellow, white, orange, green, blue, and black match the red.

Red sofa

So you can buy a new sofa in that colors or use the old sofa set you have.

Some houses built a dining room near and openly to the living room. In this case, you have to use a dining table that matches your living room theme.

But dining tables have not come in different colors.

So you can place the black or white color dining table in the dining area.

Also, wooden tables and chairs will pretty match.

Dining table with red living room decoration

And other furniture you can use the colors I mentioned above.

Upgrade the ceiling

The ceiling is another principal part of the house. And it is the too expensive part to build.

The ceiling has different types of design. Like the flat ceiling, sloped ceiling, and step ceiling.

And also, the ceiling can build with different materials. Like Zn/Al, asbestos, or plastic.

A lot of houses use flat or step ceilings for their ceiling.

However, a house with a roof and a sloping ceiling are better suited for that house. But it can be hard to build than the flat ceiling shape.

In this case, we need to know what are the best ceiling designs for red living room decoration.

If your house hasn’t an existing ceiling, first select the ceiling model and material for your home. It does not depend on the theme of the living area.

But different materials have a various price range, and it depends on your budget.

Then build your ceiling with a professional carpenter or contractor.

After making the ceiling, paint your ceiling bottom to match the red living room decoration.

In a living room with a red accent, you have to paint your ceiling with a color that matches with red.

However, abundantly ceilings are painted with white or light grey color. White and light grey are the best combination with red color.

So don’t use other colors for your ceiling. But if you have a specific design, you can go with various colors that you love.

Lighting for red living room decoration

lights for red living room decoration

The living room provides many purposes, So you have to use lighting easy adapt to those activities. Flexible track lighting is the best choice for the living room because it can provide ambient and accent lighting.

But if you are using individual lights, you can move, rotate, aim, switch and change the light scheme at any time.

Adjustable beam lights allow you to change the pattern and wash of light without changing the bulb.

If your red living room has a TV unit, create a movie theater with lights avoiding shadows and glare. The pendants light is perfectly matched with red living room decoration when TV is the off. When TV is on, dimmable lights and track lights are allowed to safe movement without distracting the action.

10-20 lumens per-square-foot lights are usually suitable for a living room with any theme.

What are the suitable lights for red living room decoration?

  1. Living room chandeliers – A chandelier can be a central point in your living room. It has a beautiful and modern design with a long history. And popular from traditional design to modern design.
  2. Floor lamps – Floor lamp is another suitable lighting option for modern red living room ideas. They have brighter bulbs than table lamps and often 300W range or equivalent. And this is helping to raise the ambient lighting of the room.
  3. Pendant and swags – A pendant light hang from the ceiling, and it has up to 3 bulbs. And it generates only one shade. This light can be the direction to upward or downward considering the shade orientation.
  4. Wall lights – The wall lights provide extra ambient to the wall edges and make them more attractive to the wall surfaces. The lighting of the wall lights often reflected against the wall, and it helps decorate the wall.
  5. Ceiling flush lights – Especially great for rooms with low ceilings, a flush or half flush close to the ceiling bottom in your living room will give you the maximum benefit when lighting up above you.
  6. Ceiling fan with light – Do you need dual-purpose from one thing?. These will be suitable for you. A fan circulates hot and cold air and can help you save money on your electricity bill more than an air conditioner. With the fan with a light, you will get both purposes with one item.

Bottom line

In this article, we followed about how to get red living room decoration in an easy way. So you learned about why red living room, paint the walls, furniture and lot more. Finally, follow this video to improve your knowledge more.

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