Painted brick house – the definitive guide to house owners

Brick house

The painted brick house can be a simple path to give a modern and fresh look to your house. There are a few reasons why house owners use painted brick to their house. And is that useful? Sometimes it can be a practical solution, but you want to know the pros and cons before you go with that.

What are the benefits of a painted brick house?

Curb appeal boosting. Because this is a great way to increase the curb appeal and value of your house. And if you use dark colors like slate grey or classic white, it can make a major visual impact.

It gives protection from the exterior elements. Because when you apply the paint to the brick wall, it will work as a sealant for seasonal weather changes. And paint will help to reduce the fading and deterioration of the exterior walls.

Easy with cleaning. However, the bricks have a lot of voids in inherently. So if not painted, it can be difficult to clean. Because when you apply a paint coat on a brick surface, paint materials will fill into that voids and make a smooth surface.

Should you make a painted brick house?

Red color in painted brick house
Natural color brick house

If you hope to paint your interior or exterior bricks, you want to think about carefully. The bricks are the most popular material in house construction and it has good durability and color. Some designers say they never hoped to paint the bricks. But after that they loved it. So before start painting, you should do better planning to maintenance-free bricks. According to the instruction from the “brick industry association”, if you do paint the bricks, you need to repaint it after three or five years.

The quality of the brick you use, you should choose it as your determine. Because of the overall poor condition of the bricks, it is bad for paint. But when you use the brick paint, moisture can not absorb into the wall.

However, remember that remove paint from bricks is not easy work. You will have to use chemicals for it, but not sure it will remove 100%. So if you don’t like that look, you should take the decision early. However, you can change the paint color anytime if you don’t like the current one.

Best colors for painted brick house

Wall art in brick wall
Wall art in brick wall

As you know, brick has a natural color like quite red. But that color always not going with your home style. So if like the brick view but not color, painted brick will best solution to you. Most peoples love to neutral tones for their brick house. But feel free to go with your bold colors what you like. Here is the little guide for choose a color for your house.

White color

We know white is the clear color and when you use white, you create a cool look. But it can be a boring feeling. And solid white color can make the modern look of old or new houses. This is a good color in the interior and firepit area. But it will work better in your exterior walls. But always use warmer colors, if you need to reduce the cold inside of your house.

Warm white color

Need subtle look you can go with cream white or off-white colors. However, if you want to make old look you can try whitewash treatment or limewash treatment. It has a major advantage. Because this an old look, that means it has low maintenance. when the house goes to the old, it will generate more look.

Gray color

This is another best color for painted brick house. If you feel a bright white color look too much, try painting your bricks with gray color. And gray color giving a classic look to your house and it is a solution for white color. Dark gray and light gray are the best combination of colors for walls and shades.

However, if you like to use the natural color of bricks, you have to use accent colors to your door and windows. And door and windows of the house should be the highlight in the painted brick house wall.

And if your bricks have more red or brown color as the natural colors, you want to wash better your bricks before painting.

Here are the more best combination colors you can consider.

  1. Soft yellow color with a cream color.
  2. Charcoal color with a light gray color.
  3. Sage green color with taupe color.
  4. Rich green color with gray color.
  5. Forest green color with black color.

Limewash technique for painted brick house

Brick wall with lime wash
Lime-washed brick wall

Limewash is a technique comes from more years ago. It is made with lime and when you apply it to the brick surface, limewash will not make a barrier on brick. It is absorbed into the brick through voids. Limewash is a beautiful method and it is becoming more popular in the industry. And you can use limewash to your house if you want an old look.

But it has a few pros and cons we should know before start.

Pros of limewash technique

Limewash is not like normal paint. It penetrate to the brick. So limewash not remove easily like normal paint. So that means, it has low maintenance than other paints. Because limewash makes natural and weather looks, so aging will be significantly less. Another advantage of limewash, it is a natural product. So it has no chemicals like other paint what use to painted brick house.

Cons of limewash technique

There are big cons of limewash, it is not sufficient to cover the brick color completely. So we have to use special bricks to if use limewash. And limewash makes a unique look for your painted brick house. But it need correctly done to get the best result. So you have to hire skilled labor, who qualified for painting.

Whitewash technique for painted brick house

Brick wall with white wash
White-washed brick wall

This technique also uses to make low dark areas in houses. So whitewash helps to mute dark tones in your interior or firepit area. The dark brick makes look perfect, but it changes with time. As you can see red color makes too dark a look at your house. Especially your interior places. So you could think of renovation it. But demolition is not an answer. So you can try whitewash with a brush. 

Pros of whitewash technique

Whitewash is converting dark areas to lighting areas of painted brick house. So interior and exterior look may be a clear view and easy to eye view.

The white color match with every color of furniture or other decoration items of your house.

Cons of whitewash technique

As I mentioned in the limewash technique, in the whitewashing you need skilled labor who qualified in the industry.

How to make a painted brick house

Paint brush for Painted brick house
Paint brush and materials

Brick painting is not easy. Because bricks absorb the paint when it apply to surface. But doing the correct process, you can give a clear and new look to your house. It is the best thing to cost-cutting and reduce the contractor charges.

Clean and cover your brick wall and house

First, clean your brick wall and house using cleaning chemicals. However, the water is best for clean if your wall not tougher dirt. But for tougher dirt and salt walls, use water with soap mixing. Then wash using a brush. if not sufficient to remove decals in the wall, then use some chemicals available in the market. But never use acid for it.

Then cover the windows and doors with paper or something like that. And make sure to seal entire surfaces of that. You can use well fasten tape or painter’s tape. And cover all other areas that you do not need to paint.

After that prepare your all wall cracks using acrylic caulk. First using scraper make the cracks a bit wider. And then clean the crack with water and brush. Then you can apply acrylic caulk until to full fill the wall crack. And this chemical requires 5 hours of drying time.

The next step is to apply the latex primer to your brick wall. You can apply a latex primer using a roller brush. And continue your painting until all bricks are curved. However some areas in the wall, you can’t use a roller. So use a small paintbrush for those areas.

Turn to painted brick house

This is another big point you should be careful about. Because there is a lot of paint brand on the market. However, purchase on elastomeric paint for high durability. But elastomeric paint expensive than acrylic paint. Elastomeric paint is preferable to exterior walls. Because it is resilient to heat, snow, wind, and heavy rain situations. And this paint can fill the cracks in bricks, but you should apply two coats for it. So if you live in a bad weather location, elastomeric paint will be the best option.

However, if your budget is low, you can go with acrylic latex paint. It is cheaper than elastomeric paint and it’s work as a sealant. So it is good to exterior walls and protect with moisture. However, if you use acrylic latex paint, you need to apply only one coat.

Use high gloss paint or semi-gloss paint for accurate details on the brick wall. Because high gloss and semi-gloss paints are better matched to the high moisture and dirt areas. And these paints are easy to clean for a long time. However, remember mind, these paints are difficult to paint without painting skill.

Then apply selected paint to the wall using a roller brush, paintbrush, or spray gun.

Cost calculation for a painted brick house (2020)

Cost calculation to Painted brick house
Cost calculation

The average cost for a painted brick house can be $7500. But for 2500sqft house, it could be $3500 – $10500 budget. However, it depends on the paint and labor cost. Normally you have to spend $1.4 – $4.2 per square feet.

The cost of exterior wall painting could depend on the size of your house. But it will give a clean, clear, and modern look to the house. However, there is very important to select the correct paint material and continue your house repairing after a few years. And hire skilled labor can save money and time without waste.

Here are the average cost schedule for painted brick house.

Cost for wall preparation and powerwash

Wall surface preparations are required for all painting works. This cost can be average $35 – $100 for powerwash machines and chemicals. And the paint application process is can require power washing and mild cleaning work. After doing this wait 24 or 48 hours to dry the walls. Some contractors have power wash machines, so if have this cost should apply to the contractor’s cost. And they know how doing this well and we recommend you should leave this work to the contractor. Because this can be unsafe work for unskill persons.

Cost for paint and primer materials

There are a few options to select the correct paint materials for the project. And considering about 2500sqft house, you could spend $300 – $700 for paint and $70 – $150 for primer. If you paint your exterior walls, need latex-based paint for it and separate primer may depend on wall conditions. When you hire a pro painter, he can measure the house and purchases on paint without minimum waste.

Labor cost for painted brick house

This depends on contractor to contractor, but normally can be $150 – $350 per hour. And removing existing paint, planning, preparation and set up of the area is included in the labor task.

Cost for supplies

You could spend $15 – $30 additional cost to cover the surfaces, repairing materials, chemicals, and cleaning materials. This additional cost is included in the budget plan.

Whitewash cost in a painted brick house

The cost for whitewash in 250sqft house can be $110 – $200 with equipments. So that means $0.45 – $0.80 per square foot.

Limewash cost in a painted brick house

Limewash is an alternative method of painting in a painted brick house. Mixing water, salt, and hydrated masonry lime, you can make a limewash mixture. So this process may cost $30 – $60 to the overall house. But if you need ladder and roller brushes, it can be $50 – $100.

However, these prices are based on the United States in 2020. So these can be changed according to the region and time.

And if you hire a pro painter, contractor, or painting company, this price can be various with their estimate. So we recommend taking your contractor rates, before estimating your painted brick house.

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