Natural pool – How to turn your home garden to more natural

Natural pool in garden

The natural pool began in Europe and it was a popular pool in there. However, now it is popular in the united state, Australia and other countries who have a hot climate. Why natural pool was most popular? Because some peoples are unlike to rectangle water pond with a lot of chlorine. So they turned to the natural pool and enjoyed the real experience of the natural water pond. But sometimes all are not built as real natural with rock and boulders. Because it is hard work to some regions.

If you don’t like blue spark swimming pools, this is the best option here. The general swimming pools are using chlorine or filter system to clean their water. Sometimes it is not healthy for users. But in this use natural filtration method to clean the water. Like gravel filter and plant filter. But you want to make your attention to attract the animals and insects to the pool. But it is not to pool, animals and insects could be attracted to around the pool.

However, before you decide to what will your swimming pool, you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of this one.

Why peoples also like to natural pool?

The natural pools are very adaptable and easy to build. But in this have mud in the bottom. So you can use a concrete layer to bottom as a solution to the mud. But if you need a more traditional pool, use gravel to the bottom or wood with rock and boulders. So the pool is very flexible to design with a lot of option what you can achieve.

For general pools are require the chemical for the filtration system. So chemicals can be damage to the environment. But this does not require the chemical for water cleaning. So natural pools are fully environment-friendly and green construction methods to your garden. That is another reason why people like to this.

General pools have a lot of maintenance process every week, monthly or yearly. It needs chlorine, filtration method, pH balancing of the water and lot of more. But in this pool, you don’t need maintenance frequently like a general pool. This will help to save your money and time spent on pool maintenance. But you should need to keep your natural pool without animals and debris.

They work best on all climate conditions of your area. This is converts to all climate like wild ponds. So it is more natural.

Why peoples unlike to natural pool?

Low maintenance cost could be high investment value. Remember before decide to make a natural pool you need enough and suitable location for it. And need a qualified contractor who can make this more realistic. Because this requires a good filtration system using natural resources.

The natural pool could not be nice to the general pool. Because the general pool has a clear and blue color look in the water. But in this can be improved algae and other sediments in the water. So water can look dark brown color. But the water is suitable for swimming because it is impossible to remove all sediment and life from the water.

The natural pool has a low-cost process. But if you think selling the property after a few years you have to spend on this than the general pool. Because some buyers may not like this.

Cost for natural pool construction

Natural pool with bridge
Natural pool with bridge

Natural pools do not depend on chemical or mechanical equipments. They use natural water filtration and cleaning methods, water in gravel through circle and plant filtration.

The pool has two equal-size parts a swimming area, and a regeneration area. The swimming area means, you stay in this area during swimming and it has steps, deck or concrete layer.

The regeneration area mainly help to filtration the water. It has gravel, plant, rocks and others who help to clean the water. This area low depth and water through between the swimming and regeneration area using underground pumps. You can put electrical streamer for water cleaning if you need. But water is cleaning in naturally in from plants and gravels.

These are the main parts of the natural pool and you have to spend your budget on that. Here are the few things that depend on the cost.

Size of the natural pool

This is larger than the general swimming pool in the same swimming area. Because it has an extra regeneration area for water filtration. A small pool does not allow to plant growth, rock or other placement, and efficient water cleaning process. So you need a minimum between 45-50 square meters for swimming and 500 square feet for around the area.

Depth of the natural pool

The natural pool shape different than general pools. If you do not use concrete for sides of the wall you have to maintain the slope to prevent them collapsing and damaging. The regeneration area starts in 6 inches from edges and it is gradually deepened in 18 inches from its center.

The swimming part of the pool may depend on what you desire. It can be shallow or deeper as you like. But side leaving may naturally limit you in some areas depend on your soil.

You can put a heater in a natural pool like general pools. But if you did not use a heater in your pool remember water temperature depending on the depth of the water. Shallow is hot and deeper may cool. depth can be 3-12 feet in the swimming area.

Materials which you use to natural pool

The cost of a structure may depend on the use of materials for it. You can use few materials to build your pool. If you use concrete to your pool you can add concrete to the bottom and the sidewalls. However, if you do not wish to use concrete you can use wood and gravel to bottom. Wood or concrete deck and steps in the swimming area, your natural pool will make more beautiful. And black and dark colors are great to deck and steps color.

Another option is bentonite clay, and when it adds to the here pool water will not absorb into the soil. Bentonite clay will make a natural view in your pool, and it is profitable material considering with concrete.

Construction process of natural pool

In the first stage of natural pool construction same as general pool build. Setout the location, excavation proper depth and concreting or gravel laying are the first process of that. after that, you can build a deck and steps in your swimming area.

Then, on regeneration side gravel laying, pipeline preparation and planting works can be continued. Finish the around area of natural pool can doing with several items.

Labor cost of natural pool

This is another major reason to increase your budget. However, you need qualified skill labors for your pool building process. But qualified labor charges can be high value.

These are the main type of cost analysis in natural pool construction. But can include extra items according to your requirements.

10 Tips to build your natural pool

Natural pool create
Build your natural pool

Here are the 10 tips to improve your knowledge of natural pool construction. And help to build the best pool.

01.Simple design

Keep your design simple and creative natural pool. Because this is not an artificial construction. So it should be more realistic to natural. Use natural stone, gravel, and plants as materials. But in a special moment, you can use concrete.

02.Flat bottom in natural pool

If your natural pool has a flat bottom cleaning will be easy. And enough simple excavation and same level foundation. However, if you don’t like flat bottom you can build with random bottom.

03.Box shape natural pool

Most swimming pools are box-shaped pool. With the box-type natural pool, it is easy to build other parts of the pool. Like deck, steps, and others. But you should be careful with the algae improvement of the tank.

04.Reject the lot of fittings from natural pool

Some natural pools show the pipes in external of the pool. You may think it will damage your pool view. It is not. Your pool builder will manage your pipelines better without damage the pool look. However, if you want to protect your water from tree leaves, you can use steel or clothes net for it.

Some pool fittings are not too expensive. But remember if you want to make beautiful natural pool skilled labor is the secret of it. Not a lot of fittings.

05. Do not go to too deep excavation

General swimming pool has standard depth categories. But natural pool can be shallow or deep as you want. It would be less 1.8m or 2m as well.

If you not fussed about diving safety, 1.5m is the best depth and easy to clean. And you can check your structure of the natural pool with structural engineer. Bottom and wall joint location is the most week point of the pool.

06. Do not use pre-fabricated concrete structures

f you use random bottom to your natural pool, pre-fabricated concretes are not good for it. However, you may think it is suitable for flat bottom. It’s not true. Pre-fabricated concrete panels have a lot of joints if you use more than one. So that join location could be water absorb to the soil.

07. Use natural water spring if you have one

If you have natural water springs one or more it will be the best opportunity for your build. Because you don’t need to invest in water filling and refilling in the structure. However, if you have well with efficient water amount, you can pump water to the pool from well.

08. Use dark colors to natural pool

When you are living in a cold area use black or dark color to the pool. Because the dark colors absorb the all shades of sunlight. So dark colors give a more natural heat from sunlight.

09. Always use systematic drainage system

The fail drainage systems are frequently seeing problems in the industry. So before you select the location for your build you should think about your drainage arrangement how it’ll be.

10. Take professional service to water treatment

If you have natural spring with flow-through water, you don’t need to worry about water treatment. But if you haven’t it, so you need to make your attention to the water quality of your pool. But not with chemicals or chlorine.

However, If you want to see how will be your product after build, you can take architectural visualization service as well.

How do keep natural pool clean without chemicals

Large natural pool
Large natural pool

Everyones like to swimming without chemicals. And chemicals are not suitable for water. However, keep the pool in clear it is your responsibility. Here is the chemical-free and eco-friendly methods to keep your pool clean.

Use salt for chlorine

Chlorine is the most popular chemical to clean the pool water. When you swimming a long time in the chlorine water your eyes can be red, hair will be green and itchy skin. If you use salt to your water it will do natural disinfection and remove the algae naturally.

Cover the natural pool with a covering net

To the pool, if you use the covering net, it will minimize the cleaning frequency of your pool. And place a covering net will protect your pool with debris from away. This is an eco-friendly method to keep your water clean.

Keep electric cleaner in natural pool

There are a lot of the most popular pool cleaners in the market. Robotic pool cleaner is cool equipment with newer technology. But this is only can use if you have flat-bottom with concrete. However, you should read some product reviews before buying an electric pool cleaner. But you can use a manual electric pool cleaner of any type of bottom.

Natural pool cleaning with oxygen cleaning technology

This is another green way to clean your water. And this is help to remove virus and bacteria with safe way. This is the most popular method in pool owners and you can find skilled peoples and companies to do that.

Is natural pool attract the mosquitoes?


This is the main thing you want to attend when you have a pool. Because in this water may not flow over. So still water is the best place to improve mosquito larvae. But don’t worry about that. Because mosquitos are growing in the low oxygen water and environment. This is a highly oxygenated place and mosquitoes can’t live in it. However, it may depend on the environment condition where you live. Therefore stay alert on it.

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