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Minimalist House Living Room

Over the years, minimalism has become a way of life and design philosophy for people who seek less clutter. Minimalism is about a simple way of life, simplicity in space, detail, color, and other elements of design. Minimalism is not a new concept. It has come a long way through history, but in recent years it has become a popular subject. Minimalism seeks beauty in the function of a form. Function comes first in minimalist design, and that creates the perfect form, avoiding unnecessary. Inside minimalist philosophy, minimalist architecture is highly practiced by many architects. Minimalist architecture can maximize the use of a small space. It brings inside and outside together strategically. After a busy day in the city, having a minimalist house to come home can be a privilege.

Minimalist house design

minimalist house bedroom
Modern minimalist house design

Minimalist house design is all about space. A well-designed house with minimalism will give you more space to breathe fresh air in a calm surrounding. Minimalism is precisely a lifestyle. It should be inside your soul for you to enjoy living in a minimalism- themed house. According to research, living in untidy, cluttered surroundings can distress you very much. We all want our homes to be the place where we relax. House design with the inspiration of minimalism can give you that relaxation you need and get your mind off stress. Space, lighting, and other interior design elements can make a huge difference in you both mentally and physically. Are you ready to get rid of that pile of laundry and all the unnecessary stuff in your house? Then you are ready to make your home minimal or check with an architect for a minimalism-featured house design.

A well designed minimalist house uses clean lines, simple color palettes, and functional interior accessories, etc. The ambiance it creates is neat, organized, and reductive. However, it is important to use the design elements and principles wisely to avoid dull, cold, or unlived-in feeling. Depending on your taste and your extent to be a minimalist, your minimalist house design can change. It may be a small minimalist house or a quite large one. Maybe you are an extreme minimalist; maybe not!

However, typical house design with the theme of minimalism has the following features;

minimalist house kitchen
Typical house design

Clean, open, clear, naturally lighted spaces

Minimal color palettes, mostly monochromatic, are used to make small spaces clear and wide-open. Designers or owners de-clutter the spaces to make them more spacious and luxurious.

Clear surfaces

Most of the surfaces are neat and clean. For example, there are no piles of paper, books, etc. on your coffee table or your office table.

Few quality items

A minimalist house owner will choose a few functional, useful, quality items for the house. He will not buy a set of chairs, because they were on a 50% sale. He will buy a good quality ergonomically designed chair as he needs it.

Minimal furniture

Only a few essential furniture pieces are there in a minimal house. Less furniture means less dust and more space.

Simple decorations

Minimalism does not need to be boring. You can add a touch of color, liveliness by adding simple interior decorations to match the concept.

Modern Minimalist House 

A modern minimalist house has both minimalist and modern design mix to it. At present, modern minimalist houses carry minimalism with sustainable and environmentally friendly design concerns with it. Modern design uses material cleverly to draw attention as needed. There are well-designed small minimalism-featured houses and big minimalist houses which go with the modern concept. Mainly a modern minimalist house is based on ‘function.’ As architects say, minimalism-themed houses are designed from inside out. This means that in a modern minimalist house, the spaces are efficient and functional.

 Characteristics of a modern minimalist house are as follows,

  • Simple form and function
  • Open spaces
  • Simple finishing
  • Minimal decoration
  • Modern material to create visual interest and personality

A modern minimalist house usually has a simple, uncomplicated plan with clear spaces. The plan allows daylight to enter into the house, taking the treatment from nature. Forms are simple, with clear spaces. There are many open spaces in a modern minimalist house. If it is a small minimalist house, these open spaces blur the boundary between inside and outside. That brings nature closer and gives the feeling of a bigger space. House interior also has many open spaces making more free spaces. This adds a more relaxed feeling to space. It also makes it easier to clean.

Extremely simple cladding and wall finishing serve the minimalist approach. This also gives a visual appeal through simple lines and less emphasis. A modern minimalist house uses minimal decoration. The decorations are rather functional than ornate. It is common to see modern material, which creates visual interest and adds personality to the house design.

The Bottom Line

In the bottom line, a minimalist house comes with your way of life. It is part of your lifestyle. Simplicity in forms, attention to function, attention to detail, and de-cluttering can create a house with the inspiration of the concept, minimalism. Less is more when it comes to a minimalist house.

Though you are living with less, it gives you more calmness, relaxation, and freedom when you live inside it. It will become your sanctuary, which releases from stress. A minimalist house has a place for everything. That is what makes your life more efficient and neat. Building a brand new minimalism-inspired house may not be easy, but converting your current space has a huge possibility. A simple de-cluttering can change your lifestyle a lot. Good research in minimalist design principles and a simple understanding of modern architecture is all you need to overdo your house. With some real effort, you will enjoy the relaxing spaces of your minimalist house with so much self-satisfaction.

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