How to decorate the master bedroom with a sitting area

master bedroom with sitting area

When you think of your master bedroom, you probably think of a king-sized bed. Am I right? The bed name is there, after all. But if you’re thinking about master bedrooms like this, you’re missing out on one thing to making your room as stylish as possible— A master bedroom with a sitting area.

The sitting area can vary from a single chair to multiple chairs and couches. However, one thing is certain. Most master bedrooms wouldn’t exist without them. Today we’re going to explore different sitting area ideas for your master bedroom, no matter the size, layout, or color palette of your bedroom.

Why is the sitting area important for the master bedroom?

Four accent chairs in the master bedroom
Sitting area with four accent chairs

When it comes to master bedroom seating, we have these for a reason. “The inviting seating area in this master bedroom, with an armless love seat and two wicker lounge chairs under a bay window, provides a place to read, relax and enjoy the stunning views of the garden after a long day.”

Sometimes, we may not be available space for both rattan lounge chairs and a bed. But we have minimum space to include at least a rocking chair. So why not do the same thing for yourself every day?

Grab at least a small chair and create a lounge in the corner of your bedroom. You’ll thank yourself after did it!

A bedroom should have suitable lighting and table surfaces for lounging and seating. It is an essential matter.

You should be able to see the notebook while writing or where you dropped the remote.

Someone has a TV in their space, but that’s not the best situation for some of you. Also, television is a distraction for many people and is not considered the best thing in the bedroom.

But if you are going to a public lounge like a truck stop place, there can be one or two TV to watch. It’s something you do in a lounge; You watch TV! Therefore, I say, even if it is the bedroom where you sleep, the bedroom can have a small TV to use while relaxing in the bedroom.

How to use the sitting area in your master bedroom?

Timber framed sofa for master bedroom sitting area
Timber framed sofa

If not for sleeping, then why do we need a sitting area for your bedroom? I will give you some perspective. I like to sit in my $100 leather recliner in a light cream color in my bedroom sitting area.

That means relaxing and relaxing in style. There is a small table next to the lounge where I can have a glass of lemon water or a latte.

I put some books on there and then try to find a favorite book to read in my free time.

In this relaxing space in a sitting area, I also work on logic games and word puzzles like crosswords.

It is the best place to take rest in my free time without sleeping or bedding. Sometimes we need good enough relaxation for our life. I think the master bedroom sitting area is the best place for it.

Sitting VS seating area – decorate your master bedroom.

Sitting area with TV unit for master bedroom
Sitting area with TV unit

Then, I must point out that there is a difference in the way this interior home trend refers. You can call it a sitting room or seating room.

The sitting room is a place where you sit and relax, while the seating area is a more formal room with high-back chairs that allow people to sit.

I could be completely wrong at this time. You will judge! You can name it or define it any way that you like. However, the purpose will be the same.

Few ideas for decorating your master bedroom sitting area.

Sitting area with blue color sofa and working table
Sitting and working area

I know, now you are waiting to find some good idea for your sitting area. In this article, I will show you and describe the best and most popular sitting areas for master bedrooms.

However, these ideas will not match your rooms. So be careful when you buy pieces of furniture for your sitting place.

If you are going to build a new house, just now decide if you need a sitting area for your master bedroom and then say it to your architect. He will manage the space for it. So, it will be easy to create a sitting area in your master bedroom. Because, if your room hasn’t enough space for a sitting area, you will have to face trouble.

Let’s move to the sitting ideas…

Go with Navy Blue Loveseat for simple ideas.

Navy blue color modern sofa for master bedroom sitting area
Navy blue color modern sofa

Do you want a small space for your master bedroom sitting area? There are few better ways to do it than with a modern-looking love seat. Its small size is a better fit for most master bedroom decorations.

Two people can sit on it. If not you can sit on it alone and look at the outside of the window. It also budgets friendly seating unit.

Match your furniture with the master bedroom’s interior design.

Larger bed in the master bedroom with sitting sofa
All furniture in the same theme

Sometimes it will be better to take simple ways rather than bright or complex patterns. It will help to take a smooth approach to your master bedroom.

It still looks fancy and elegant, of course, but instead of a prominent sitting position, it fits seamlessly.

Combined white tone of the chairs with the blue tone of the accent pillows, all of this furniture looks made to match. The room feels cohesive feeling, giving it a more relaxed feeling overall.

Use quatrefoil-patterned seats in the master bedroom for some visual interest.

quatrefoil-patterned accent chairs
quatrefoil-patterned accent chairs

Quatrefoils are timeless designs and it is matching from farmhouse to new modern house styles.

If you need a sitting area for your master bedroom, you can always add quatrefoil-patterned furniture to it.

Also, it will be better if you can go with white or grey color tones. However, make sure it is matching to the current interior design theme of your master bedroom. Because when you are going to decorate your master bedroom with a sitting area, all the time you should stay on the interior design theme. You can not away from it.

Add a bright red color sofa to improve activeness.

Dark skin girl sitting on the red color sofa
Red color sofa

If you have a lot of neutrals in your master bedroom, it’s fine as is. Many neutral rooms look great on their own without adding any additional furniture or anything else.

But if your master bedroom looks boring, you have to keep any brighter color furniture somewhere in the room.

So what is the better way than a brighter sitting area? This bright red color sofa can turn any natural room into an active place.

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Storage benches.

Red color bench with a storage unit
Bench with storage unit

When we consider interior design, practicality will never go out. Buying multiple-function furniture will save you money and interior spaces. 

This is useful if you plan your sitting area for entertainment works instead of a comfort area.

Also, if you love minimalist or a combination of fashion and function, storage benches may useful to you. This wicker storage bench is adding a bohemian and natural touch to your master bedroom.

Everyone loves gray tones.

Dark grey color sofa for master bedroom sitting area
Grey color sofa

The gray color is the trending color tone and someone believes it is almost over. But some believe it is still in its heyday. Whether it is a famous color or not, we can see grey color mostly used in modern houses. It can be wall color or furniture colors.

Naturally, it is not different with master bedroom sitting areas.

You can also use dark grey with light grey to add some additional visual effects. Adding to this is the rattan backing of the chairs which is perfect for adding extra texture not only to the seating area but to the room as a whole.

The addition of the decorative sitting area to the master bedroom perfectly helps to stay neutral rather than brighter.

Use different color shades to get a varied accent.

Ok, already we have covered adding grey color chairs for neutral tones and red color chairs for activeness.

What next?

Fine, if you have already an accent color for your master bedroom, now you can use the sitting area to add some different accents to your bedroom.

In contrast, you can add some greenery plants to the sitting area and make a natural tone. Most people love a natural tone. That’s why we can see a lot of plantations inside the house.

Even if your master bedroom has a green color tone, adding a sitting area with a different green color shade make highlights the sitting lounge in the room.

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Add a Couch in Front of the master Bed.

Light blue couch in Front of the master bed
The couch in front of the bed

Most of the ideas we have talked about so far are positioned near the window or multiple windows. That is one of the most famous sitting layouts, that house owners are using.

As I mentioned at the start of the article, if you have limited space in your room, you can add a sitting place in front of the bed. It will save more space for you.

Rather than two chairs, this one has a full love seat in front of the bed, which works especially well since there isn’t much space near the windows.

In short, if you think the sitting area will not work right in a certain place, you can replace it with another best place that you want. It is not breaking the rules. Often, it can give you the best thing.

Add some comfortable stools to the master bedroom sitting area.

Normally, the bed has tables at end of the them, but they are used only for decorative reasons. But if you don’t use the tables end of the beds, they are not serving you.

On the other side, you have comfy front beds with sitting areas like some of the ones mentioned earlier, ideal with a love seat or two chairs and a table. The design of this sitting area combines these two approaches.

Instead of having a bedroom bench, it uses two comfortable-looking velvet stools suitable for seating two people.

Bottom line.

In this article, we are talking about how to decorate the master bedroom with a sitting area. I hope this will help you to arrange your master bedroom by yourself. If you have any questions about this topic, write a comment below. We can share more knowledge with others.

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