Master Bathroom Layout – Make It Modern And Style

master bathroom

Master bathroom layout should need modern and useful.genaral and master bathroom, main category of bathroom types. The general bathroom is a simple bathroom with a shower and a toilet.

What include in master bathroom,

  • Shower
  • Toilet unit
  • Washbasin
  • Bathtub

There are four types of items in the master bathroom.

When you start the house construction save 115 square feet to 215 square feet to the master bathroom. Averagely it is 160sqft.

What should put in master bathroom layout

If you plan to make your master bathroom look like luxury. You have to use premium accessories and would add a few things to make it modern.

Double sink

bathtub and double sink in master bathroom
Bathtub and double sink

This is a cool thing when using a bathroom as a couple. But in this option, you have to cover the toilet unit with walls. This sink could be under mounts. Using a new modern double sink you can your master bathroom more better.

Luxury countertop materials

granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, or concrete are the best materials to bathrooms. Because tile joint is a week point for waterproofing.mention materials are easy to use and find in the market. But you need a specialized skill person for making it.

Large shower unit

A large shower unit with one or two showerheads. Many luxury bathrooms have not shower encloser or’s a free walk-way area. Walls and floors can be porcelain and can build a seat for shower unit.

No steps. because the shower area should be accessible to every person and wheelchairs. Like this shower area should be designed skillfully. Because water flow and spray can away to the rest of the bathroom.

Better ventilation system for master bathroom layout

A powerful ventilation system is required for bathrooms. because showering is making damaging humidity.

Water closet

Toilet area with enclosure in master bathroom
Toilet enclosure

The toilet area could have separate’s should not visible and the toilet can boast their features itself.

Soaking tub in master bathroom layout

The soaking tub that makes you stay in water. This should enough deep for you with water. the tubs have with wood, glass, copper and stainless steel materials.

View of the room

The room with a better view or open to the great outdoor. However, it’s depending on your house location and privacy issues. but with a large open window, it will more better.

Good lighting

If you have or haven’t a window, you are going to sufficient light, especially around the main mirror.

Plenty of storage

Storage cupboard can be used to stock your linen and bath supplies. You want close at hand but not to display.

Best small master bathroom layout

First, you need to decide in your budget how many wet walls you can afford. The wet walls mean walls that contain with plumbing pipes. Fewer wet wall mean low plumbing and waterproofing cost. one wet wall layout makes efficiency but limits your design idea.

A layout with two plumbing walls involve more works but provide more floor area and storage around the sink. The three-wall layout will make design-friendly but come with more cost.

You might keep a notebook for note down the layout that you see in a magazine or something like that. Then show your designer or contractor exactly what you want.

Three-Quarters Style

Three quarters style layout
Three quarters style

All plumbing are in the one wall will save your labor and cost. This is included with one sink and shower.but this is a popular and hardworking bathroom layout.

Full Bath with Perks

Full bath with perks layout
Full bath with perks

A tub-shower combination is the best solution for every bathroom. The tub end wall and door open path help to close the toilet unit. In this layout has space for vanity or two sink.but for general bathroom, two sink is not useful.

Bonus Storage

Bonus storage layout
Bonus storage

Two sink has storage cabinets and it will make an appealing entry. The wall of the master closet helps to cover the toilet a little bit.

Space-Smart Bath

Space - smart bath layout
Space – smart bath

Include a shower with half wall glass above. but no bathtub. Two sink and clothes closet fill one wall in the bathroom. The sliding door save the space in near of entrance. As a variation can add more window to between shower and will make more ventilation process.

Advantages of bath update to master bathroom layout

Some house owners don’t care about bathroom remodel. but it has a lot of benefits.

However, according to the national kitchen and bath association (NKBA) average cost is $16,000 to remodel the bathroom. This price can be low down to small bathrooms. No matter the size of the bathroom, you can find a professional contractor in your area.

Homebuyers like to updated master bathroom

Kitchen and bathrooms are the most common rooms that need to update. If you wish to sell the home, homebuyers will make their first attention to those rooms. they almost check your bathroom as other rooms.

They will check the water pressure of plumbings, around the toilet area and your ventilation systems. So you have to make your major attention to those issues.

Other hands, if you are staying your home you want your bathroom have to a personal update. This is the main room you probably enter every day.

So it should feel comfortable as your master bedroom. If you are hoping to update your master bathroom layout don’t forget to be creative.

Your master bathroom not display to outsiders. so you have the freedom to do everything that you want.

Increase the value of your home

There is undoubtedly much debate in our industry regarding the value of a home. Always remember the kitchen and master bathroom, but these rooms always not increase your home value.

No matter what about your project, but always you want to get maximum profit in your 2013, according to a report in Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, remodeling bathroom and kitchen recovered 54% – 65% in their cost.

Improve the home storage

This is another advantage of remodeling the bathroom to the master bathroom. master bathroom becomes a large room.

So you can add an extra cabinet or wall closet for your storage. It will save space from towels, linen and toiletries storage. Someone places their washer and dryer machines in the master bathroom.

However, if you have extra cabinets for it in your home remove the cabinet from the bathroom.

Averagely single person spends a year and a half time of their life in the bathroom. So it should be freedom and relax comfortable place.

Finally, if you want to upgrade your bathroom to master bathroom layout you can contact skill designer and builder.

but first, you can identify what you need in your master bathroom.

Do you need to see how will your bathroom after build?. So you can take architectural 3D visualization service as well.

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