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Living area

The living area is the room that used to watch a TV, read a book, entering the friends and you most waiting area of your home. And this is the most seeing room for your guests. This area may roughly 1/3 from the house area and near the front door. Averagely this room has 300 square feet area, but it may depend on your requirements.

Living area may combine with the open kitchen in new modern designs. And it has a dining area as well. Some of these have a high-level ceiling than other rooms. It will help to improve the space in the living and protect the cool in the room when you haven’t air conditions.

Sofa set, TV unit, bookshelves, additional chairs, and more types of furniture can include this room. And floor can be tile, titanium, terrazzo, or any other flooring methods. Walls can be paint or decoration walls or both combined.

Type of living area

Living room
Living area with wood floor

Unless you are not an interior designer or if you haven’t any interest in interior design you could miss the best types of living areas. So in this article, I try to explain what are the types of it.

Modern living area

The spaces and lines need to be kept in mind to get a modern living room. A modern living area should use all areas of the room as useful. For furniture, artwork, content, and more of thing it has. Go for minimum curves and keep a simple look with few lines. When you go for different shapes, keep in mind stay balanced with lines and curves. Tile and wood should be shine (laminated wood) and the furniture is kept clean. Minimum patterns, everything placed as order, false or ceiling lights, and futuristic lamps are the features of modern living rooms.

Minimalistic living area

This type is suitable for new houses and it will give a clean and organized look. The minimalistic living room needs a minimum space and easy to maintain. To achieve this keep your everything as minimalist. Like furniture, decorations, and more. Use subdued hues colors for ceiling, walls, floor, wall arts, and furniture. To show your personal touch keep a special chair and table, glass objects, and plants in the living.

Contemporary living area

This style is great to bring variation of color and patterns to the living room. Therefore contemporary design includes modern lamps, trending furniture, upholstery, and other decor items. As an example, fairy lights, colored glass bottles, stripes, and others are the most trending items in currently. But it includes patterns, artworks, textures, and colors, contemporary living area should be luxury and culture free. Feel free to go with your color what you want, but remember do not overdo it. And when use red, blue or pink colors keep that are highlight or decor with curtain or armchair with the same color.

Eclectic living area

The eclectic living area should give free-spirited, curated, artistic vibes, and bohemian feeling. And the special thing of this style it is free with rules. You can go with mix color concept for wall colors, floors, furniture and more decorations. You can do crazy with bits, bobs, and collectibles to decor your living room walls. And you can use electric blue, wine, red and purple colors as your wall colors.

Traditional living area

This style came from Indian culture and popular in Asian countries. However traditional living areas can see in some of Europian countries. If you go with this can take the feel of local artworks, textile, print, handicraft, and furniture. And use rich carpet, carved wood furniture, ornate lamps, rich colors for upholstery, mirror work, think metallics, beadwork and so on. Therefore while choosing artwork go with Indian bride and animals from the Indian sub-continent. Brass lamps or candle stands, Elephant shaped candles or boxes, trinkets, and bells are the good ideas for traditional room.

Vintage living area

Do you like to live in eras of the 50s and 60s? So this is the best living style for you. Find inspiration from your local culture or Europian rich living culture. Go with drapes, silk fabrics, velvet clothes, expensive-look decors, ruffles, classical art on your wall, porcelain sculptures, etc. And beige, off white, soft brown are the best colors to vintage living room. However, you can use your family heritage goods, black and white images to decor your living area.

Retro living area

Think about the of 60s-90s, rock, and roll ears. And retro living area has specific items like check print on the flooring, Movies, inspired posters, neon colors, bold colors, pop art and more. So success to this style you can go with candy stripes, mint blue, pastel florals and green for wallpapers. And the characteristic equipments of the retro living area are flower vases, lamps and color pots. And you can enjoy this style adding more retro accessories like retro telephone.

Rustic living area

This style is a friendly design with environment. When you choose to color for rustic living area brown, light brown and green colors will be good for it. But wooden furniture is not a good choice for this one. The firepit will give a more rustic look for your living. And you can also go with brick or stone walls, animals or plant images and something like that to make more beautiful.

How to make your living area look expensive

Living area with round table
Round table and sofa

The living area is the most important room in the house like the kitchen. It is the life in the house as its name. So you don’t need to make it luxury? However, fortunately, you don’t need to invest a lot of money on it to make it luxury. So here the few tips to make your living room more luxurious without emptying your pocket. And in some items, you could not invest.

Add layered lighting concept

You want different lighting methods to your living area. However, you don’t need to empty your pocket to lighting your house. Some interior designers love to cover the whole area of the room from minimal lamps. And Christina Hoffmann says you could replace great pendant light for traditional table lamp. She is the owner of the interior product selling website. And she also likes to place the candles in reflective containers. If you have labor resource you can try plug-in sconces as another cheap trick. Put in next to furniture you can update your room without any cost. And another option is a dimmer switch, it will make your living area more expensive look.

Pro textiles to living area

This could be an expensive method a little bit. But if you can go with the local fabric store, you can find pro materials at a low cost. Then you can prepare by hand or invest on pillow according to your requirements. And if you have the skill to sew, you can sew your textiles by your self. However, if your living area looks like an oversized and beautiful throw casually draped will makes look expensive.

Put long curtains in living area

A good door and window arrangement will make an expensive look to your living area. But when you buy window curtains never get that are too short. Because short curtains look like cheap and store-bought. So take your opening measurements before you go to the shop. And after you buy materials then you can sew it on your self. But if you can’t do it take it to your tailor.

Large scale wall art

This is another trick to show your living area as expensive. Because large wall art can take visitors attention quickly and will be making a cool discussion. And when you select the wall picture remember to choose art and culture image.

Incorporate texture to living area

When you have doubt, mix with incorporate textures. The interior designer recommends that materials like glass, metal and a variety of wood to incorporating. And silk velvet pillow, wool sofa, quality lathers luxury features that you are not seeing. Still, if you are on your budget there a lot of items have to make your living area look expensive. Like wood coffee table, blanket on your sofa, lather chair with pillows and brass objects.

Use large rug

A little rug dwarfs your room. A small or large rug can be expensive a little bit, but it is very important in your living area. Because rug will make a creative and unique look to your living. And specifically, if you have kids or animal pets you should protect your rug from them. When you have a large rug in your room, it will be converted to an expensive look automatically. The rug looks like luxury, but it is not certificated about durable. So jute rugs are a great option in here.

Metallics objects to your living area

A little heavy metals never harm to anyone. So when you use some metallics objects like clock, table, and decorative accent to your living area it will increase your creativity.

Work with moldings

Improve the interior architecture is the most option is to make the expensive look of the living room. But don’t need to break walls or anything. So if you have molding blocks, use it carefully for your interior. Because they work better to improve your expensive look of your living area.

Paint your wall with correct colors

This is not a simple thing. You should choose the best color for interior painting. Because each colors generate different stories when it on the walls. So when you use the few colors to paint your walls it will get the attention automatically. But you use one or two colors, it will highlight the other things in your living area. It also gives a chance to use strong colors. Use dark colors or wood color to paint the door and windows. Because this will help to increase architectural details of any room.

Read “Exterior house color ideas” article to know about color using.

How arrange furniture of living area

Living area with sofa and TV
Sofa in living area

Arrange the furniture in the living area can be difficult work. And when you visit the empty room, convert it to a creative place is not easy work. So the interior designers identify the few rules about interior furniture arrangement with their experiences. Therefore when you follow these rules, your furniture arrangement will be easy.

Focal point

Don’t neglect the power of the focal point in the room. Sometimes it is seen naturally, as an example when you have a firepit cover or special TV location. But whatever your focal point location of your living area remember to stay with it forever. Because you will want to arrange the more furniture around it.

Keep distance with wall and furniture

When you have a large area this is not a big problem. But if you have a limited area you will try to save your space naturally. However, remember to keep a few inches between wall and furniture. Because if you push furniture to walls, it will be a reason to damage your living room walls. So it is not a good practice. And another reason why you should keep space between furniture and walls, that will make your living area look too large. But, if you have a large area, feel free to keep the conversation area in the center of the living.

Add conversation place

People should be talking to each other without shouting. So place the sofa and chairs to face each other, then peoples can talk with others without rising their voice. However sofa and chairs should not be straight on, but close. And if your living area too large, create few conversation areas.

Furniture balancing

Furniture balancing is the most important in interior design works and there is no lot of work in your living area. When arrange the furniture consider about size and type of it. And do not place the same size furniture in together or one side. Because it will make unsetting and lopsided view. So remember to mix the furniture when arranging.

Traffic flow

Traffic flow is one of the most thing should consider when arranging furniture in any room. Because peoples should not go through furniture or each other. So make sure there are have few feet between furniture. And create a clear path to walk in the living area.

Place a big coffee table

When considering the coffee table, the big table works better on the living area. So when you place a large coffee table in the middle of the sitting area is great for aesthetics and function. And another hand it is better to show something you have. The big coffee table offers easy access to chairs around it. So sure to keep 18 inches access to people. However, if haven’t found a large coffee table, two smaller table could be a good idea.

Maintain the arm’s length

All chairs and sofas should have easy access to the table. Because people’s should not stand up from their seat when take something on the table.

I hope this article will help you design and manage your living area by yourself. And if you need to see how will be your living room after make, you can go with architectural visualization service as well.

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