Landscape architecture – Make your house land feeling relax

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is the very old engineering method in industry. And landscape architecture is the design of outdoor areas, landmarks, and structures to achieve environmental, social-behavioral or aesthetic benefits. So it’s a specialized skill profession category in architecture.

This profession scope with,

  • Landscape design
  • Site planning
  • Stormwater management
  • Erosion control
  • Environmental restoration
  • Park design
  • Recreation and urban planning

These are the major categories in landscape architecture. A person who involve to landscape architecture it’s called landscape architect.

Landscape architecture is a cooperating with,

  • Horticulture
  • Architecture
  • Botany
  • Fine arts
  • Environmental psychology
  • Soil sciences
  • Geography
  • Industrial design
  • Ecology
  • Civil engineering
  • Urban planning

The activities of landscape architecture can be range from simple park design to large building designs. And including residential design, site planning, large forest planning, civil infrastructure management and recreation of degraded landscapes. So landscape architects work on structures and exterior spaces to make it creatively. And in the first stage of the project, designers make a valuable contribution to generate technical and creative ideas. And the landscape architecture makes the overall concept and master plan, then create detail and technical drawings. But they can review and supervise the landscaping site.

Natural park landscape
Natural Park

History of landscape architecture

Early in the 1800 time period, the landscape architecture is work in the garden, royal properties, and religious places. But it’s not for common peoples. As an example development project by André Le Nôtre for King Louis XIV in France. Joseph Addison is the first person who writes about landscape architecture. It is “On the Pleasures of the Imagination” book in 1712.

Gilbert Laing Meason was used landscape architecture terms in their book “Landscape Architecture of the Great Painters of Italy” first time in 1828. Meason was born in Scotland and never visited Italy. But he admired the relation between architecture and landscape architecture. He used Vitruvius’ Ten Books to find the principles and relation between of it.

After then this taken by John Claudius Loudon and used to describe specific architecture placed to the designed landscape.

John Claudius Loudon was admired by Andrew Jackson Downing and he has added a chapter to his book for landscape design. Andrew Jackson Downing is an American designer and he wrote “Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, Adapted to North America” book in 1841.

However, this is the history of landscape architecture and currently, it is a developed subject with new technology. And it has followed a specific degree to become a landscape architect.

Important of landscape architecture

Landscape architecture is creating great cities, streets, and public spaces human friendly and healthy. It makes a safe, sustainable and resilient landscape, but it should be strong to face natural environment changes.

public landscape design
Public Park Landscape

Landscape architecture doing a great for Canada and Ontario to living well in their peoples.

  • Protecting natural areas of these countries and enhance the biodiversity of natural ecological systems.
  • Build health and vibrant human society.
  • Attend to the climate changes. Managing the impact of climate change and give a natural solution for the global warming trend.
  • Green construction concept. (Green construction like green street, green roof, and transportation as well.)
  • Support to the economy.

Landscape architecture is perfectly positioned to resolve a lot of natural issues on the planet.

However, as a house owner landscape is making a cool view for new or old houses.

Making the front yard with a lot of flowers and trees will increase the front view of the house. You can use suitable flowers and trees for your region. It may depend on your choice and area of your land.

The back yard of the house simply has a pool and pergola. May have flowers and trees like front yard. If you need to see how will be your back or front yard before construction, you can take architectural visualization service as well.

Front yard landscape
Front Yard Design

Make house yard look awsome with landscape architecture

Owning a house can be a lot of works and highly expensive. Especially when you have a large property. However, you can build a beautiful house yard (back yard and front yard)without extra cost. It is very simple and you can do your own.

Back yard landscape
Back Yard Design

Choose of plant stuff

A good looking yard make your life is cool. Plant some bushes in the front yard and put a couple of tall bushes to frame your front doorway. Find some best flowers and plants that are in the best sunlight and water them frequently place. Consider about like rose or something like that. Because it will strong to face multiple seasons. Before start, you have to find decent soil or invest in it from your local home improvement store.

Trim The Stuff

It’s great to have plants, trees, and bushes in your garden. These give life to your garden. But if you did not give your priority on it, these can be overgrown. Trim all tree branches what are close your roof level. Keep your fence at nice with consistent height. Cut all vines creeping into your fence. With a decent pair of long clippers and a band saw, you can handle your all trimming works.

Destroy all weeds

If you have plants and trees in your garden, you will have weeds. Weeds are your best enemy in the landscape process. Luckily, they can easily identify and remove from the flower beds. Use chemicals or something like that to destroy weeds in sidewalk way and drive away cracks.


You should need to remove the leaves in your yard. Leaves can make a pretty look for a short time. But then leaves are block any sunlight reaching your grass. After a couple of the day, you can rake your garden frequently. You can use gas or battery power blower or something like that.

Lay down the mulch

If you place some mulch in your garden, it will give you several purposes. Because a thick mulch layer makes harder for weeds to grow and protect the tree roots from sunlight in some summer. So a good dark mulch helps to protect the color of flowers. You can get a mulch bag for a few buckets, so it’s a great investment for your yard.

The edges

To make the good look of your garden make Sharpe edges between all layers in the garden. Like grass layer, flower bed layer, drive away, sidewalk path, and others. So you can do this by hand using the trowel. However, you can buy a code less or gas power edge maker from the market.

Place some lattice

Some white color cross lattice can cover the unsightly areas in your garden. So you can make lattice wood or metal materials. But if you use metal for lattice use anti-corrosive paint for protection from water. And for wood, you can apply waterproof paint on it.

Cleanup your exterior walls

If your house looks unclear, what the reason for doing landscape architecture? Because after heavy rain, a lot of sunlight, and other assaults exterior wall colors become dirty. So after that painted walls, brick or stone walls can get discolored. Roof looks like shinny. You can wash your exterior walls using gas powers washer machine. Remember to do that after three or four months. It may depend on your regional climate.

Paint the walls and floors

Look around your house and identify where the damage location of your house. And then work with a few gallons of paint. Because this is the simple work everyone can do. So make special attention to the front door, windows, deck railing, and shutters.

Tend to your grass layer

It is easy to forget about grass in your garden. But if you want a nice landscape architecture garden you have to do more few works. After each falls, you have to spend some times to remove dead stuff. There are special rackers in the market you have to buy. Put feed and water into the lawn as well. Because this process will give health and green grass layer into your garden.

Find the old benches

Wood bench for yard
Wood Bench

A bench or something like that give awesome look for your garden. And it’s not hard work to find an old bench in the shop and then you can paint it and convert it to a new one. And for take better look put it under a tree or behind the flower bush.

Birdbath into yard

A birdbath make similar result as bench. And when it’s placed next to a tree it will look awesome. And it’s fun to see how birds do activities on it.

Creative firepit

It’s a really fun option for cool night, go back and sit around the fire-pit. Build a top-level fire-pit could be expensive. But you can make a low budget fire-pit simply. So think on it.

Make a pond

garden waterfall
Waterfall For Garden

This is the best item for any garden and it is not too difficult to build. You can use a polyethylene layer to build up your pond as waterproof. So after that, you can add flowers and fish into the pond as well. You can attract some frogs and turtles. And then if you have a big budget you may want to consider a waterfall or something like that.

How to find the best landscape architecture

You see all the beautiful garden design in Pinterest, Facebook or Youtube and thinking about your garden. So you can see landscape architectures have different style and special skills. Because they are not the same. So how you know if your project needs a landscape architect, and how you hire them.

And here are a few steps to know when you need a designer, define your project early and interview the best landscape architect.

when you need landscape architecture?.

There are huge discussions about the differences between landscape architects and landscape designers in the industry. Because of widely varied skills and expertise of designer and landscape architect. So I will try to explain that based on legal definitions.

The main difference between the two characters, the landscape architect has a valid license issued from the government. But landscape designer is only non-official designer who learn about landscaping. But sometimes designer may talented more than landscape architecture. Because certificate or paper qualification may not make a complete person every time.

But in the legal situation, we haven’t another option. So there are a few times you have to work with landscape architect to comply with local regulations.

Why you need landscape architecture?

  1. Site drainage design and grading plans – Landscape architect have licensed to draw a grading plan and can submit grading plans with permit application documents. It should be sealed from landscape architect.
  2. Retaining wall design – This situation can be various by the location. Because new retaining wall drawings require the certified seal from landscape architect, architect or engineer. It may depend on the height of the wall, footing type and condition of the soil. If it is the large retaining wall it should be certified by charted civil engineer or structural engineer. Because architecture or landscape architecture haven’t enough structural design knowledge for large structures.
  3. When need certified seal – Sometimes your local government request the certified drawings for approval. In that moment you have to contact landscape architecture for your project.
  4. Sensitive locations and special conditions – This is another example of why you should contact landscape architecture for your next project. Because if your land located in the floodplain or protected wetland or proposed project requires altering a public right of way, you need to certify details. These special conditions have stricter conditions and require sealed landscape drawing from landscape architecture.

This is not a complete list for hiring a landscape architect. So check your local department of building regulation for confirm to if you need landscape architecture.

However, before you start to find a landscape architecture, prepare the parameters of your project. Because when you have a clear idea about what you want in your project, you can find the best profession for your project.

Your parameter depends on your budget, scope of work, and What are your priorities.

Deal with your landscape architecture

So here are the few questions ask from your landscape architecture before start.

  1. Confirm he was worked or not a similar scale project like your project. Relevant experience will make good output. But it may be expensive.
  2. Knowing about service charge of your architecture. This is helpful to prepare your budget for your landscape architecture. And service charges may be an hourly rate or project value. So you can discuss with your partner about that.
  3. Client recommendation for his previous work. Because if your partner has a good recommendation from his previous clients, you haven’t any risk to hire him.
  4. Ask from him, how he will complete your project.

After that, you can start build your garden with your landscape architecture or designer.

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