House layout: The ultimate guide for new house design

Front view and layout

A house layout is a scaled diagram of house, room, or building view from above that structure. And the house layout can show the whole building or part of that. It can include measurements, names of rooms, furniture arrangement, or other things need to house construction. 

It also helps to design structure details, electrical drawings, and plumbing layout. And when selling your house to a real estate company or rent to a leasing company, this will be an important tool.

When you design and build your house, the contractor will ask your drawings. A good floor plan can manage your interior spaces and improve the reselling value.

In the new home design process, your house planner asks about your specifications and then he draws a technical drawing according to it. However, it is a skilled job and can’t achieve to normal peoples. But if you have general knowledge about house design, will help to deal with house planner.

How to get best house layout ideas

Gray color wall house layout
Front view of house

When you buy or build a new house for your family, it’s challenging work. Because every new home design does not match with your needs. So it’s very crucial to settle it when you come to the new home. Because you don’t need to be confused about your decisions after a few years gone. So follow these guidelines to find out the best house layout for your family.

Be sure enough bedrooms has your house layout

How many family members are expecting to live in your new house? And do you hope to grow your family in the next few years? As a general rule in the house construction industry, the house should have enough bedrooms for family members and visitors.

Extra bedrooms will help with your children. Because it will give a privet place to your visiting parents. And it will help does not disturb your family member’s sleep, if your baby wakes up in the middle night. Because this is not uncommon with a newborn family member. The parent who work on weekdays, the extra room will help to rest on weekends days for them.

And make your attention to the location of bedrooms. In the two-story houses, can have a dual master suite on each floor. It feels comfortable living in the house.

However, if your children are older, you may need to improve the bedroom areas as well. Because children always try to play something and it may disturb others.

Master bathroom should the main point in the house layout

In the best modern house design has powerful bathroom areas. So choosing a house layout with an adequate number of bathrooms will help comfortable living for each other. And your house should have one bathroom for every two bedrooms. It’s not a general rule but helps to easy living.

However, if your new house design has a bathroom near the living area, it is a good idea for guests to access. And it should be located on the downstairs floor. Find the master bathrooms that feature his and hers. This will allow both partners to get ready without going the other way.

Choose an open floor plan

Most new home design has open house layout. Because they are suitable for houses that have young children. And with open area children can play their games when you prepare lunch. And for older children can do their home works in the kitchen island. Because of open house layout design to bringing the family together.

Another way look for new house plans with an open back yard. Because when children grow older they can play outside the house.

Combine the laundry room to your house layout

Never finish washing clothes when you have kids. So as an answer get the house layout with an interior laundry room. In the two-story house, a laundry room in downstair will be simple for other family member activities.

However, the laundry room can be found nearby the kitchen in the best house layout for the family. But some families love to place their washing room upstairs in the residence. However, when place the washing machine on the upper floor can protect from the flood or other natural disasters.

Another way is the washing room can put in the garage area, if you want to save your space in the house layout. But it was almost impossible to hear the drying signal upstairs. Also, getting your washing machine downstairs and exiting the garage can be exhausting.

Make sure have adequate storage space

Even if you try to live a minimal life, your family will get the private property, especially if you have young kids. So give the best house layout for a family, need sufficient storage of each room.

Mudrooms are usually using to put the backpack, shoes, and coats. And manage their space, place cubbies in the room.

As you know the kitchen is the most important area of the house. So make sure, you have enough space for all your kitchen items place in there.

HovHubs is another pretty cool place that use to send quick emails, doing a home works, and read a newspaper. It has only a desk with a few chairs.

Make sure you have space to park your vehicles and kids bicycles in your garage.

Playroom in house layout

Did you think about your kid’s toys and other accessories? If you have a specific place to it, you can keep a clean and clear your house. So you can save your time on it. And remember keep a door to playroom. Because you can close the door when the room is messy. However, the office room, sunroom, or basement can use as a playroom.

Think about your exterior space

When you think about your house layout, don’t forget the outdoor elements in your house. It’s better if have a playhouse or swing set. However, a family who love to football or something like those activities, they need a yard that covers with a fence. However, outdoor requirements can be various with your needs.

What include in simple house layout drawing

House layout for brick wall house
House with brick wall

Many years ago house layout look like a blueprint with white lines in blue background. Because printing technology was not developed in that period. About 15 years ago, many house plans were printed in chemically treated papers. And these papers are improved with anhydrous ammonia.

However, in these days house floor plans were printed using digital printing machines on different size papers. And it comes with a drawing package. It can be five or eight of the drawing package set.

In a full drawing set, it would include a few technical drawings that need to house the construction process.

Elevations of exterior views

These are the drawing of the exterior of the house and mostly comes with 1:100 or ¼” = 1′-0″ scaled drawings. But sometimes side and back views can be 1/8″ = 1′-0″ scale. This layout help to get idea about door and window locations, wall height, roof view, and geometric details.

Floor plan layout

This is the chief document in the house layout drawing package. And floor plans have one drawing for each floor. Because a lot of important details have in the floor plan layout. Usually, draw in ¼” = 1′-0″ scale.

Some floor plans show the details about electrical design like lighting, switches and socket outlets. But sometimes electrical drawing comes as individual drawings for large buildings. And show the aerial look of furniture, water pipes, and more details.

Foundation and basement layout

This drawing gives details about the structural design of the foundation and others that important to the upper floor as support. And in the basement, it is showing about the staircase, walls and opening details as well. Each drawing page is named with where the details are available to use.

building section and details drawing

These drawings explain how are the various levels of buildings and areas that how to combine from each other. However, these are helpful to recognize the interior structure of the building. And include details that need to build the house.

Roof layout

This is the drawing that shows the roof design. And with ¼” = 1′-0″ scale drawing shows the roof arrangement as bird view. So when you look at the drawing you can see ridges, hips, and valleys of the roof. Sometimes it may show the details about rafters and trusses.

General notes about the house layout

In the house construction process, may need a lot of technical details about house layout. So you will receive a paper with technical details from your house planner.

How to reconfiguring house layout?

reconfiguring house
New modern house

This is not an easy story. If you have an older house layout, currently, it’s could not give needs what you want. Because the man growing their needs with the times. But remodeling house plans is not an easy work. It can have a lot of costing work. However, here is the few steps that will help to reconfiguring house layout.

Rearrange the space with existing walls

This is an easy way to fix a bad house layout. The large rooms can be divided into two rooms and small rooms can be combined as one room. Because sometimes a few inches change can feel large change.

A small study of a large living room may not be as important to you. And removing a small wall can improve the lighting in the kitchen, dining room, or living room. So, as a result, it will give additional space without additional footage.

Remove the wall in existing house layout for a level change

One of the ways to make a difference in the rooms without limiting the light and the traditional wall is to introduce a level change. And can achieve zoning in your new house layout from a single step.

For a busy daily life, add extra resting area near the kitchen area. And if the ground floor is raised enough, the underlying void can also be used as a shared store.

Check the circular of your house layout

Circulation means how family members move through the house space. So rooms can be reconfiguring and that living area space can grow better for families.

And draw the circulation lines for how family members use their rooms. Use the heavy lines for frequently using paths. After analyzing the circulation lines you can manage interior spaces that not use for circulations.

Relocate your staircase

Incorrect place of staircase can be floor plan mistakes. And or existing place of staircase does not meet with a modern house. Floor plan mistakes can be made by every designer according to their professions. However, you have to relocate your staircase if don’t like the current place.

Change the temperature of underfloor

Getting rid of traditional radiators and switching to underfloor heating can free up wall space and release furniture layouts. And basement heating is not as expensive as it was before, and it should be considered as a design-enhancing, space-creating alternative.

Combined storage is the best choice for new house layout

Some people say they want open lighting and clutter-free space for their house layout. Combined storage is the best option for a clutter-free living experience. Because storage is the most important thing in the house.

So you need to think about your requirements before design the storage.

  1. What do you have to store? It can be shoes, clothes or anything like that.
  2. What is size do you need?
  3. Frequency of storeroom usage and where the place that use to enter.
  4. Will you need to grow it?

Successful storage should be attracted to the eye and you can use the “5S” concept to manage your storage space. And try to make your storeroom with adequate space for future goals.

Value the space of your house layout

Space formerly deemed secondary can be re-designed to significantly enhance your living space and overall home design. So make your attention all about dead space, recess, and every odd corner of your house layout during the design stage.

And also you can use large spaces of your house for useful areas like parts of your living places.

Finally, during the house layout design process you need to think about the location of your house that place. Because your bedrooms, living areas, back yard, and front yard locations may depend on location in your land. However, your designer knows well, how it should be designed according to your land.

And you can go to architectural visualization service to check out how will your house see after the build. Before doing it you have to wait for your house layout from your designer.

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