Exterior house color ideas – what is the better colors

exterior house color ideas

Exterior house color ideas are the best part of house construction. so we need to select the exterior colors carefully because it is a final result in front of the scene. there are a lot of colors available in the marketplace. Architectures have a particular skill for color matching. But everyone can’t take service from an architect.

However, if you use visualization service, they will do color matching for you.if you haven’t anything, don’t worry. In this article, we will talk about exterior house color ideas.

But we recommend you contact an architect if you can.

What are the popular exterior house color ideas

Gray:-Gray color is a suitable color for the exterior, and interior.but it depends on what you choose. light gray color can use to the exterior wall with dark gray gutters and pipes. the yellow or blue front door is the best matching option for it. That is a modern style for a long time available.

Gray color house entrance
Gray color entrance

Beige:-Beige color is the natural-looking color that uses to the exterior. The white color is a warm color with beige to apply trim, shutters, and doors. red is another matching color for doors and railing if you have.

Brown:-If you looking for rustic house brown is the perfect color apply. Dark brown and light brown will make the natural color of your house. dark green or deep red is another option to mix with brown. However, wood or wood color doors and railings will help to improve the rustic view of the house.

White:-White color gives a dirty look to your new house. The, however, actually white color will provide a clean and elegant view for minimalist homes. if you like to play with colors, black and dark gray is the best combination of colors with white. In the white color house, you can add a dark gray front door as well.

Green:-Light green color is a new trending color for exterior walls.gray and white colors are the best combination colors with green.

Navy blue and red colors are the other best colors for exteriors. that colors are a combination with white and light gray colors. And provide a bold look to your house.

different house exterior color ideas
Different color apply

How to find exterior house color ideas

That is the color introduction and about the combination colors. so then we checkout how to select the best exterior house color ideas.

Plan around your house

If you are hard to select the best color for the exterior first plan your elements. it should include roof, tiles, stonework, and driveways. Take consideration when you think about the exterior house color ideas. Then look at your house and check out how it sees. that is looking warm beige, khaki, brown, and rust colors are perfect. Is that have a fresh look?.grey, blue and black colors are right.

Consider the architectural view of your house.

If you have a traditional look house, you have to use natural colors for your home. Many paint manufacturing companies have a color palette, and you can find the best one. for a new modern house, gray and white colors will be best.

Visual effect what you want

visual exterior rendering
A visual view of the house

When your house separate with road and landscaping you might choose light colors for exterior house color ideas. your house place in the natural background you can use green.

In exterior painting, we have to focus on three major parts.

  1. Wall color as the field color.
  2. Door and window color as the accent color.
  3. Door and window casing color as the trim color.

How colors affect your house size?.

If your house is small you can make it look bigger using colors. use light colors for it. with excellent reflective of light colors, they will make the house look larger than they are. choose beige, ivory, milky and gray for a pastel shade.

Architectural elements (Doors, windows, beams, and flooring) keep highlight dolefully. because it will make a crazy view of your house.

Best exterior house color ideas for small house

For small houses, blue and white colors are the best choice. making it look more substantial. when applying the white color to door, window, and frames it’s look stand out from the house. blue looks finely details.

Black and white.

Black and white is a familiar combination to use everywhere.use white color to entier and doors, windows and shutters for black. also apply the black to the roof as well. the black color is absorbed every color in sunlight and provides ultraviolet protection. if black is too dark, you have dark gray as an option.

Brown and tan.

Brown and tan colors are the best combinations of colors that are subtle and not go out of style. use light or natural tan color for the bulk of the house. these colors do not reduce the size of the house.

So they work well in a small house.

What colors make happy

Red, orange and yellow colors are identified as warm colors. warm colors make feeling like happiness, optimism, and energy. however red, orange and yellow colors can also have an attention-grabbing effect.

Green, blue and purple are cool colors in the world.cool colors are usually relax and but can make express sadness.

Like yellow, orange, pink and red bright colors are happy colors in the design field. peach, light pink and lilac colors can also have an uplifting effect on your mood. brighter and lighter colors will feel you happier.

Black and dark gray colors are sad colors in the color wheel.

Here some colors on how to feel on you.

  1. Red – passionate and energized
  2. Orange – energized and enthusiastic
  3. Yellow – happy and spontaneous
  4. Green – optimistic and refreshed
  5. Blue – safe and relaxed
  6. Purple – creative
  7. Pink – playful and romantic
  8. Brown – feel down to earth
  9. Black – sophisticated and serious
  10. White – pure, fresh and clean
  11. Gray – serious and professional

However, this color categorizes about in the graphic design industry. but not about the architectural field. but it can be effectively a little bit too architectural designs.

Here is an attractive percentage of colors to the human eye.

it is very important when we select the colors for the house exterior.

  • Green – 20.30%
  • Light blue – 16.90%
  • Hazel – 16.00%
  • Dark blue – 15.20%
  • Gray – 10.90%
  • Honey – 7.90%
  • Amethyst – 6.90%
  • Brown – 5.90%

However the green color is the most sensitive color to the human eye.white is the most reflective color.

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