Cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas – Step-by-step guide

Cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas

These Cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas can persuade you that excellent curb appeal doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to choose one of that outrageously expensive concrete and water feature ideas to get a lovely front-of-house appearance. Instead, utilize simple, conventional materials, creative planting, and a few well-selected accessories to create cost-effective ideas that will save you money without sacrificing flair.

You might be surprised to learn that landscaping in your front yard can still serve as a gateway to your backyard without costing you a fortune. The majority of these styles may also be improved over time, allowing you to use them as a jumping-off point for more elaborate front yard designs as you work towards finishing a longer-term front yard landscaping project. You always have an option.

Even with a limited budget, you may still create a beautiful front yard. You don’t have to settle for second best when it comes to landscaping your front yard, says Paige Anderson, a landscape architect with Nitido Design. There are numerous ways to create a great presentation, even with a small venue and a tight budget.

Avoid the Lawn in your front yard.

Front yard with pavers for cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas
Front yard with pavers

Especially if you reside in a warmer area, lawns are not an inexpensive alternative for the rear or front yard. They need regular watering, so you’ll need to invest in some sort of irrigation system. They also need regular summer care, which means you’ll need to buy and maintain a lawnmower. Regular reseeding of turf is also necessary.

So, do away with the grass and take a cue from Urban Oasis Landscape Design’s front yard without a lawn. Aloe and ornamental grasses are low-maintenance, affordable plants that will provide plenty of interest for a front yard with no grass. A beautiful, textured ground cover can be made with just a few bigger plants.

Construct a stepping stone path for a cheap simple front yard landscaping idea.

Stepping path on the garden
Stepping path on the garden

One of the cheapest simple front yard landscaping ideas is a stepping stone walkway, and they require very little money beyond the stones or slabs you’ll be utilizing. The nice thing about this budget front yard landscaping idea is that you can do it as a DIY. Stepping stones can be set in a variety of ways, according to Anderson, such as by digging holes and filling them with cement or by purchasing them separately from a landscaping supply store.

Stepping stone paths are praised by Richard Fung, owner of the house construction business Forever Homes, as a “traditional” concept that “comes at a modest cost” of “about $10 to $30 per stone in the present market.” “(A stepping stone pathway, however, “takes quite a bit of work and time for the installation process,” warns Fung, warning complete newbies who want to install a path. Depending on the design of your front yard, digging the holes and filling them requires a fair amount of experience and confidence to DIY.

Grow a Tree! It’s a cheap simple front yard landscaping idea.

plants for cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas
Landscape with plants

Plant a tree is another cheap and simple front yard landscaping idea for your house. Also, s tree is a lovely, affordable option for any front yard. This strategy is especially suggested by Anderson for a front yard with limited space, where “a solitary tree makes a superb focal point.” Although purchasing a mature tree specimen would provide your home with the immediate exterior appeal, you will save money if you choose to purchase a seedling.

Depending on the species you want to plant in your front yard, the price of a tree, including planting labor, might range from $1,000 and over. On the other hand, a young tree won’t set you back much more than $100 (or maybe $200 if it’s a rarer variety).

Include rock elements for cheap landscape ideas.

Rock elements
Rock elements

Adding stones or stones break up the profile for a subtle natural accent, even if you select various materials for the garden bed border. Many times, front yard landscaping ideas with rocks can also serve a practical purpose, such as creating a stone spillway for your gutters to prevent an area from being overly soggy. Other suggestions include dividing a bed or edging your paths with pea gravel. It depends on how many areas you cover. This project can only cost $20 to $50. So it is another best cheap simple front yard landscaping idea.

Lighting up your front yard area.

Lighting for cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas
Lighting for garden

Landscape lighting can be purchased for as little as $20, and it is most frequently solar-powered. This implies that you can simply pick the lights of the color you prefer, bury them along your walkway or along the edge of a flowerbed, and let them run on their own power to illuminate your front yard at night.

Additionally, you can upgrade to eye-catching features like lanterns, lighting that disappears into a walkway, or even fake rocks with built-in lights that blend in with the surrounding vegetation.

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Cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas – Add water to your plants.

While browsing through the plethora of low-cost landscaping ideas, we discovered a clever technique to update an old bathtub by converting it into a planter. In addition to being a cute concept, how useful is a bathtub as a planter? Bathtubs are strong, roomy, and a surefire way to keep pests like rabbits or rodents away from your plants.

A small food garden would look very lovely there. This photograph’s circle line is fantastic because it incorporates little plants. This is a fantastic idea for transforming outdated appliances or furniture into something brand new and gorgeous!

Edges for your front yard landscape.

Landscape layout
Landscape layout

By using borders, you can quickly and easily polish the landscaping in your front or backyard. Anything from plastic barriers, border boxes (that go under the ground), planting boulders, or any type of garden filler, like peat moss or wood shavings, can be used as inexpensive landscaping border ideas.

There are countless options, and adding borders will clearly define the boundaries between garden beds, lawns, and other plants in any environment. It’s a fantastic technique to maximize space and make it interesting.

Cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas – Admire and eat.

What could be better than remodeling a yard? transforming it into an amazing, palatable landscape! One of those inexpensive front-of-the-house landscaping ideas that will be used for months to come is this one. Although seedlings are more expensive, you can simply turn your front yard into an edible landscape that you can use all year long with relatively inexpensive seeds.

You may plant and pick your vegetables according to the season, which will ultimately save you a ton of money at the grocery store. It’s a terrific way to get the most out of your lawn while also benefiting the environment.

The rain chain for a cheap landscape idea.

Rain chain for cheap simple landscape ideas
Rain chain ideas

Rain chains are another of our favorite cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas. Originally from Japan, it improves curb appeal while diverting rainwater from gutters to drains or decorative basins. It’s beneficial to both parties.

It is artistically presented nearly everywhere, from renowned botanical gardens to modest tiny houses. Why not add one to the front of the house that appeals to your taste? After all, the majority of the Happy Gardens collection’s rain chains cost between $40 and $80, providing a ton of character for not a lot of money.

While there are many different types of rain chains, our traditional lily cup rain chain is a fun option.

Installing a pond or bird bath would be a great idea.

A bird bath in the birdbath
A bird bath in the birdbath

The most ambitious of the cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas we’ve featured so far is probably installing a DIY water feature. However, if you are ready to invest some time and money in a water feature, your front yard will grace with an unforgettable focal point.

Listen, if you’re new to DIY, we don’t suggest starting off by creating your own koi pond without assistance. However, you can definitely build a pond if you’re an accomplished, seasoned do-it-yourselfer. If you’re a beginner, you might want to think about purchasing a pond kit, which will come with the materials and molding you need to complete this project.

To build a DIY pond, look for motivation and ideas first. Plan the appearance, feel, and design of your pond before deciding where to put it. Keep in mind that fish love the sun. Next, make a decision regarding the depth of the pond. The pond should cover with thick, butyl rubber-coated carpet cushioning. Then, pick an edger that complements the landscaping in your front yards, such as rocks or stones. You should also include a curb to stop the overflow.

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Don’t forget to winterize your pond, and if you intend to add living things to your DIY pond, consult with an aquarium specialist.

Consider a bird bath as an alternative if you want to add a water element without investing a lot of effort and money. When positioned correctly, bird baths enhance front yard landscaping while providing local birds with a place to unwind, splash around, clean themselves, and quench their thirst.

One of our favorite DIY landscaping suggestions for front yards is a bird bath since they’re so distinctive, endearing, and sweet. They significantly enhance character at a very low cost. A bird bath can build by you or can purchase already installed. Whatever you choose, use these pointers and strategies to produce the safest, most eye-catching bird bath you can.

Our selection of hummingbird feeders is likewise quite well-liked.

Add an address post planter.

Address post in the garden
Address post in the garden

If you are thinking of another cheap simple front yard landscaping idea, the address post planter is here.

Provide a multipurpose decor piece for your front yard to add a touch of personalization and nature-inspired curb appeal.

The wooden pole serves as both a home number sign and a hook for a hanging flower basket with cascading blooms.

You can switch out the plants inside the planter as the seasons change and take in the splendor of nature all year long.

Add brick edges for the flower beds for cheap simple front yard landscaping ideas.

Making an edging gives the garden bed a polished look and feel. It not only distinguishes the planted area but also prevents flowers from accidentally entering the area.

By using a DIY method using stone bricks or pavers, this garden bed edging tries to keep things straightforward and economical. Since they are all the same size and shape, forming the edge is quite simple.

Use a hammer and a straight piece of wood to help you firmly place the bricks on the ground.

Chandelier Planter to your cheap and simple front yard.

Chandelier Planter - cheap and simple front yard landscaping ideas
Chandelier Planter

The patio design is elevated by this DIY planter. A historic chandelier that may no longer be in use that transformed into a ceiling-mounted planter.

To accommodate seasonal flowers that fill the air with color and fragrance, the smallest terra cotta pots use in place of the bulb holders.

The simplest and fastest way to change the color of this chandelier planter to suit your decor is to use spray paint.

Create Boxwood Borders in the front yard.

An evergreen shrub with quick growth and few maintenance needs is the boxwood. Since ancient times, people have used it to mark out a ground area and give the outdoors a regal appearance in their backyard landscaping ideas and projects.

This concept provides motivation for an outdoor staircase going to the front door with a boxwood hedge.

In contrast to the mulch’s black tint, the boxwood’s green color stands out. Additionally, it serves as a means of setting apart the stone stairs from the backyard.

Try with DIY Board and Batten Shutters.

Do you enjoy the cozy appearance that shutters provide a house? You can incorporate them into your outdoor space in a farmhouse-style design, which gives the windows a charming appearance.

The beams’ alignment, texture, and stain mimic the appearance of Barnwood. To go with the new window decorations, place a wooden box planter below the sill.

Corner bench with table – DIY

Even the smallest porch can create a cozy outdoor haven. This space-saving DIY porch furniture design enables two individuals to relax comfortably and enjoy a cup of coffee or a bottle of wine together.

The project advises placing three-part porch furniture set on your own rather than setting up a table and two seats. The size can adjust to fit the available area of ​​your hallway.

As it covers only one corner, a reduced footprint is guaranteed.

Downspout Path – Do it yourself for cheap landscape ideas.

This landscaping concept is incredibly creative and useful. A path made of river stones resembles the water flow left by the downspout.

In contrast to the dark mulch, the natural stones’ vivid colors immediately draw visual attention. In the case of rain, they also succeed in getting the water to drain more quickly, protecting the garden from overflow.

Pea gravel can also use to implement this concept.

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A DIY personalized planter for your front yard.

This is a nice design for a porch planter. You can decorate vertically rather than place flower stands on the necessary porch floor.

This concept goes beyond that; it also lends the home’s exterior personality and charm.

The planter shape is like the letter K, which could stand for either the kingdom or the family name. The design can change to reflect your family’s monogram.

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