Best way to paint a room for a unique area: Complete guide

Best way to paint a room

The best way to paint a room is a popular title in the house construction industry. And it is the first step of interior design. We can see different paint materials in the market. Different paints have different qualities

and made for a different purpose. However, interior colors are resisting scratches and stains. And easy to clean.

Exterior paints made for combat to dryness and mildew.

So when we start the painting project, we need to know different paint materials because it will help to choose the best painting material for our project.

You need to learn about the chemical application of those paints if you want to understand different interior and exterior colours. So read manufacture detail label for the main component of the paint.

Qualities of interior paints: why vital to the best way to paint a room

Material quality for best way to paint a room
Qualities of interior paints

When you paint the interior walls or furniture, you need quality interior paint to take the best result. But some paint materials in the shop can be confusing. So, buying the wrong equipment will harm the progress of the project, budget, and interior space condition.

Find the recommendation and satisfy customer’s reviews before purchasing on interior paints.

So what are the critical qualities of interior paint materials?

Suitability of internal surfaces

Interior paints have come with a different type of options. Acrylic, water-based latex, oil-based alkyd, and newly water-based alkyd are the categories of color. And these are performed as the oil paints. So choose the best one for the best way to paint a room depending on the surface.

For the furniture and cabinets in the dry area, latex or acrylic are work as a consistent finish and fade resistant paint. And use water-based, or oil-based alkyd paint for trim works, kitchen cabinets, door windows, or frequently used furniture because they are resistant to impact and dullness.

Low or no VOCs help to the best way to paint a room

VOC. What means of VOC. VOC is the short name of “Volatile organic compounds.” VOC is the chemical that most found in water or oil-based materials. And it can quickly evaporate and release toxins into the surrounding air. Low or no VOC in the paint better for your health. And it can cause headaches, nausea, or liver and kidney damage. Protect from harmful things, find color with “Low VOC” or “No VOC” label.

Short dry season

We talk about VOC in above. VOC is emitting to the air during the drying period of paint. So if you use a material that has a short dry season, you can save from Volatile organic compounds. However, look for water-based paint material that can dry within one hour and cure within 30 days. But oil-based paints can dry within seven or eight hours and cure within seven days.

Primer and paint in one

Self-priming paint with a “paint and primer” label builds a binding factor that develops adhesion to the surface. So do not require a separate primer coat. One of the best self-priming paints often costs half as much as primers and paint cans but offers a more consistent finish for the average DIYer.

Best way to paint a room like a professional

Wall decoration and wall art
Living area with black sofa

The professional house painters know well how to paint a house fast. However, you can improve this skill and can take a professional look.

When painting a house fast, you may think it is harmful to the best result. But do you know? House painting is a livelihood for painting contractors.

So if you follow this best way to paint a room like a pro guide, you can become a fast painter without damaging the best result. Some tips and tricks can be contrary to traditional rules. But they are work and save your time like professional painters.

Clean Fast with trisodium phosphate cleaner

Trisodium phosphate is the first thing for the best way to paint a room. You have to start with clean surfaces. Use sponge pcs with TSP (trisodium phosphate cleaner) to remove dirty, grim, and soot on the covers.

TSP can clean fast and reduce the scratches on the surfaces that you ready to paint. And buy the TSP and mix with water. That is best than pure TSP.

Its cost can be 5$ for a box of 16-oz. And use TSP for every woodwork as well. And use it to remove grease in the walls, clean the kitchen tiles, bathroom walls, and fingerprints around the light switches.

Remember to wear a hand gloves pair when you use the TSP because it’s damage to your skin.

Filter Out the Goobers

If you purchase on the latest manufactured paint cans, it may have a few small chunks or strands, so it will make it hard to paint. Because of the little pieces or strands when the bond with the wall, you have to remove it yourself. So spend a few minutes to filter out the goobers.

Buy a small sieve or paint strainer from the paint shop or home center. Then place the filter above the bucket and send the paint through the strainer. The screen can catch all debris in the colors.

However, if you work on a low budget, wash and reuse the filter.

Fast painting is the best way to paint a room.

Most people are doing to paint the window frame without cover the glasses, and then removing the paint hardly. So it is not the best practice for the best way to decorate a room.

However, if you are best with a paintbrush, you can do it carefully. But if you have not to skill to use a paintbrush, the best option is to cover all glass areas in the window before painting.

It will help fast painting and make a good result after the finish.

Protect textured ceiling

If your house has a rough-textured ceiling, it will hard to remove the paint after the painting. So the first option is to cover the outer line area of it with bonding tape or papers.

But if you did it, you can see we can’t cover the rough-textured ceiling completely. So paint can go into the ceiling surface a little bit. Then you can use a small knife to remove the color of the wall and ceiling edges.

Remember to hold your knife 45 degrees when you are doing it because it is a professional trick for the best way to paint a room.

If you have a scrapper, you can make a groove between ceiling and wall edge. Because when you did it, paintbrush bristles will slide into the groove line when you are painting. So it is another best option to protect your rough-textured ceiling.

However, if you have a smooth textured ceiling, It’s not that hard.

Keep a steady hand all time.

Trim cutting is one of the most challenging work in painting. When you paint different colors on one wall, this will be harder. So a steady hand is crucial for the best way to decorate a room.

However, this should need more practice in painting. But you can practice it slowly in the beginning period.

When you have enough skill in a steady hand, you will never spend time practicing it and buying the masking tape. So you can learn painting without tapes.

Keep the paint fresh.

The paints are dry fast when it in roller tray. So if you need rest, 10 minutes will cover the roller tray with steel or plastic covering cap. And keep a wet cloth bellow the roller tray. It will help to protect your paint from the ambient temperature.

However, if you did not protect the paint, thin films will form the paint’s top and maybe the end of the wall. So it is not a good thing for the best way to paint a room. And you can use this trick to store your paintbrush overnight.

Tip for large areas: the best way to paint a room

The 18-inch roller brush is not suitable for everyone. It is hard to control and difficult to use without skill. Professional painters use an 18-inch roller brush to cover the large area in minimum time because it is more efficient than a 9-inch roller brush.

However, if you have a lot of continuous walls and ceilings, they invest in an 18-inch roller brush can be more beneficial because it will save a lot of time in the painting project.

Roller or spray: The best way to paint a room

Equipment for best way to paint a room
Roller brush and spray bottle

A long time ago, if you find a method for the best way to paint a room, you have one choice. It is a paintbrush.

But then around 1940, everything changed with the newest technologies. After making the roller brush, painting works were straightforward. And paintbrush marks were no problem furthermore.

So today, many peoples are using a roller brush to paint their houses.

But they have another option now. You can use spray paints instead of a paintbrush.

Rexbeti ultimate - 750
Spray gun

However, here is an ongoing debate for which one is best for interior and exterior paintings.

Here is a quick comparison of spray and paintbrush, which will help you choose the best one for you.

Time for preparation

If you use a spray machine as the best way to paint a room, you have to spend the time to set up the device, put the paints into the tank, attach hoses and codes. But when you use the roller, there is no particular task you have to do. And spray machine requires sufficient covering.

Time of application

All the time you save in the preparation process will lose in the rolling process. So whatever preparation time, you can paint quickly using spray than roller brush.

Accuracy of painting

When you are using the spray for your painting works, you have to cover all areas you don’t need to paint like door, windows, and furniture. So you have to spend extra time on it. However, roller brush not requires a lot of covering. But we should need to be careful when the paint. And need a small paintbrush for painting the edges.

The spread evenly painted

Difficult to pick a winner in this debate. Because both spraying and rolling spreads paint reasonably evenly, but both carry the risk of uneven overlap.

Clean up the types of equipment

When you use the roller brush, you have only one or two types of equipment for clean. But if you use spray, you have to clean spray gun, paint tank, and everything connected to the machine. So it will be hard than a roller brush.

Some professional painters combine paintbrush, roller, and spray depend on exacted surfaces painted. However, starting from a paintbrush and each method is faster than the previous one and less accurate than the first one.

That means, spray method suitable for exterior walls. Exterior walls don’t need much accuracy. And roller brush is ideal for interior walls to take the best accuracy painting result. You can use a paintbrush for detailed painting.

Tips for the best way to paint a room: Paint within one day

Best way to paint a room: Paintbrush
Wall painting with paintbrush

Here is the quick guide to painting your room in a day. However, it may depend on the size of your room and the area you have to paint.

Cover the area you need

Protect the floor and other furniture you do not need to paint. Use masking tape and papers for it.

Best way to paint a room: clean the surfaces

Your walls can have a lot of dust and dirt. So first, before starting the painting, clean up all your wall areas using pure water.

Prepare the borders

For the best way to paint a room, clean edges and borders should be very clear. So walls have a lot of corners. Like light switches, decorative molds, ceiling edges and floor edges. Use masking tape or something like that and cover all angles in your wall.

Start painting the walls.

Now you are ready for the best way to paint a room. And you have all the types of equipment that you need. First, wash the 2inch line around all corners in the ceiling and floor edges. But remember to cover edges using masking tape.

Then paint the other area of the wall using spray or roller.

When you complete the work, cleans all areas that you worked. And clean and store all your painting equipment correctly.

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