Architectural Visualization – Why Important before your construction

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Architectural Visualization is the most popular and trending method in the architectural and construction industry. when we contact an architect to design our house and he makes the sketches or drawings using the two-dimension method. it’s called “x” and “Y” is a technical drawing and need technical knowledge to understand what he designed.

But if you need to see how your house will after the build and definitely you have to meet architectural visualization experts. they will convert your 2D drawing to the 3D image or video. so they have the technical knowledge and specialized skill in the 3D industry. SketchUp, Revit, 3Ds Max are the 3D modeling software and Lumion, Vray, Twinmotion are the 3D rendering software they are using.

Architectural visualization realistic image
Realistic Visualization

Why architectural Visualization?

Do you have a real estate company and construction company, or hope to build a house?.here why you use architectural visualization service for your next project. because it is very important for everyone.

Easy budget Of Architectural Visualization

The architectural industry hasn’t fixed the value or quality of work. because it may depend on the skill and qualification of the designer you contact your project. but you can find the best architectural visualization expert in your budget and area.

Haven’t any idea how to find the best architectural visualization expert? many freelancing services available for you like,, and

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Can Identify changes easy

When architectural designers design the house or building but many times happen to change the design or something like that during construction. But using architectural Visualization, we can identify the variations before starting the build. Because the 3D designer can make changes in one click using 3D design software that you will help reduce a lot of extra cost and time in the project.

Catch problems before the start

The construction projects have many issues in architectural design, structural design, and building services designs. When After begins the house construction and it will difficult to re-correct.

Full structure converts to the 3D model, and the 3D designer will identify where the problems in 2D drawings, and then they inform to client and architecture about that issue.

Assured Flawlessness in structural design

Sometimes the structural design of the building or house does not tally with architectural design. it is a massive problem in the construction industry. adding the columns in the wrong place and beam sizes make an unmatching view to architectural design, some of that.

That is another reason why we use a 3D design service for every construction project of you.

Realistic View in Architectural Visualization

Architectural 3D Visualization gives a realistic view of building or house that use to make. That result helped get the quick ideas about the final look of the home after complete the build. this is beneficial to take the experience of the virtual tour of the house.

Another hand visualization help to analyze the interior space and interior decoration of the house, material, and color selection will easy if using 3D design.

Relative With New Technology

Many architectures use 2D drawings to provide their designs to clients and builders. 3D modeling is a new method that uses modern technology and skills. so if someone uses 3D Visualization (3D Rendering) to their design or house construction works, it will have the best demand in the industry and locally.

Start Marketing campaign Even Before

If you have real estate, construction company, or build a house for sale and you can start the marketing campaign before complete the construction. Because you have realistic images and videos as a result of architectural Visualization.

3D designer knows well how can improve your sales, referring to 3D rendering. However, still, a lot of companies using this method for growing their sales in social media and other ad networks.

Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

Customers or clients are like to see a realistic image or video of their house or building what they will buy. The 3D design process is providing digital output like image or video as a final result. when customers checkout that, then they can agree to design or request the changes of design.

The History Of Architectural Visualization

Architectural visualization bedroom design
Bedroom Design

Here are more details about the history of architecture for your special knowledge.

Architectural Visualization has a history like painting, photography, and engineering. in this section, we will discuss the architectural visualization history of different periods.

Ancient civilizations

The ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians created architectural plans about 4000 years ago. Greek philosophers always try to make attractive and useful architectural plans. Vitruvius is a famous Roman architecture. and he believed that

  • Order
  • Arrangement
  • Eurythmy
  • Symmetry
  • Economy

were the leading theory of architecture.

The Middle Ages

In this period, many of the ancient practices had been lost and missing the quality of the architectural plans.however, during the gothic period begin the advances design of the architectural industry. They used structural techniques, engineering, and surviving skills to their works.

The Renaissance

During this period, artists learned how to use perspective to make realistic, informative, and details products in their subject. one of the example Leonardo da Vinci, who created his artwork to the next level. But that is not an architectural work.

The Baroque period

In this period, the architectural industry was theatrical and ornate. It often depicts strong moods and emotions, which are concepts that can be applied to it.

Currently, visualization technology continues to improve, and architectures and engineers were able to create beautiful, creative, and realistic structures for their house owners and corporations.

In the 1960s, IBM came out with first Computer-Aid Design (CAD) technology and this technology was help provide more details and accuracy plans to the clients. Another hand CAD technology reduces the cost and time waste in the architectural industry.

Architectural visualization kitchen design
Kitchen Design

Future Of Architectural Visualization

3D modeling and rendering software continue their development more and more realistic every year. Sometimes difficult to identify real photos or digital image when after rendering the 3D model .it’s so powerful like that.

Using VR (Virtual reality) technology it can also give to client more confidence about the design. VR technology gives the real feeling in the designed building or house.

However, 3D Visualization is not a major one in architectural design projects.

it depends on your or your client’s requirements. But if you use architectural visualization it will easy your works.

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