About Us

Madushanka Hansaka
Architecture 3D visualizer

I’m Madushanka Hansaka, a professional architecture 3D visualizer. I like to teach others and write my knowledge for reading to others. So I start HouseConstructionBlog.com on 2020 march 20 to write about house construction and design technologies.

I like reading and improving my knowledge of myself. And we haven’t another right way to learn more than self-study as I believe. we have books, newspapers, and more media to read, and current blogging is the best way to improve your knowledge.

From Hobby To Profession

Back in 2014, I like blogging, and I started my first blog as a technology blog. Because I learn a lot about science and technology and I loved that subject. I maintained that blog for a few years. And then hand over to my friend to continue the blog who specialized in the tech and science industry. But finally, I specialized in engineering, and I decided to start an Engineering blog. As a result, I start this blog.

Why This Blog

HouseConstructionBlog.com is dedicated to helping those who want to build a new house. And who wants to remodel their old home to a new modern home?

We talk about,

We mainly focus on house owners, real estate companies, and contractors. And we will help to resolve their problems. We introduce new design ideas, new technologies, and weak points in the industry.

Our Services

As I mentioned above, I’m an Architecture 3D visualizer. I’m working in the 3D visualization industry since 2014. And I started “MHC Design” architect company to provide architectural services in 2018. So I provide the 3D architecture visualization service to house owners, house contractors, and real estate companies around the world.

If you are interested in 3D architecture visualization, visit our service page.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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